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Texas Church Pays To Send Minors Across State Lines For Genital Mutilation Surgery

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After Texas banned child mutilation surgeries, the Galileo Church began offering travel grants to families seeking surgeries out of state.


A church in Fort Worth, Texas, has founded a grantmaking pipeline to send minors out of the state to undergo genital mutilation procedures in response to a new law banning the operations in Texas.

Senate Bill 14 went into effect at the beginning of this month and prohibits the provision of “gender transitions or gender reassignment procedures and treatments” to those under the age of 18. Furthermore, it prevents any public money from going to institutions that offer such services, and doctors who perform such acts will have their medical licenses stripped.

Although the law is still fighting its way through the courtroom, advocates of radical transgender ideology are building a pipeline to fund the transportation of children to willing doctors outside of the state. Disturbingly, a church belonging to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) denomination is among the first to establish this distorted underground railroad, ushering vulnerable kids to what is, in many cases, irreversible tragedy.

The Galileo Church established the North Texas TRANSportation Network (NTTN) to provide $1,000 travel grants to families with children who claim to identify non-biologically and seek medical intervention out-of-state.

“It might be the most important work we’ve ever done,” the church claimed on social media.

The group admits that “$1,000 is not enough to cover the entire cost of, say, a round trip to Colorado with a two- or three-day stay, medical expenses, and loss of income. We hope it is a substantial help, however, and a declaration of support for families who are paying attention to their kid’s need for care.”

There are no income limitations for grant recipients, and NTTN only requires that the families live in North Texas and can verify they have a “trans minor child seeking health care.”

The Galileo Church is the product of “lead evangelist” Katie Hays, who attended Yale Divinity School and Princeton Theological Seminary. The church lists five “missional priorities,” revealing the order of importance between competing ideas.

First and foremost, the institution seeks to “do justice for LGBTQ+ humans, and support the people who love them.” Next, “We do kindness for people with mental illness and in emotional distress, and celebrate neurodiversity.”

Only at number three does the church mention God and cryptically suggests, “We do beauty for our God-Who-Is-Beautiful.” In fourth place, the group says, “We do real relationship, no bullsh-t, ever.” Lastly, they “do whatever it takes to share this good news with the world God still loves.”

Galileo Church is far from the only group working to send kids to medical institutions more than willing to receive these eternal patients. As revealed last year by The Daily Wire, hospitals are sold on “gender-affirming care” as being a “big money maker.”

“These surgeries are labor intensive, there are a lot of follow-ups, they require a lot of our time, and they make money,” one doctor pitched at a lecture. “They make money for the hospital.” Seemingly, “do no harm” applies more to the bottom line than the person walking in. 

These children will be shipped to doctors who will irreversibly disfigure them and consign them to lives largely dependent upon the god of modern medicine.

Transgenderism is, of course, the final sacrament in the new religion of the state. While the old faith directed man to be born again, the new belief demands we become something hitherto unseen. God might have gotten it wrong, but that’s nothing a scalpel can’t fix.

To deny access to such “remedies,” then, is unforgivable. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that when Texas sought to ban child mutilation, the capitol was besieged by adherents beset on spreading their new gospel, forcing law enforcement to clear them from the House gallery.

After much debate, however, the bill passed both chambers and was signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott. Radical LGBT groups immediately sued to try and prevent it from taking effect, but Texas has defended its right to protect its children.

The authors of the law, Rep. Tom Oliverson and Sen. Donna Campbell are both licensed medical doctors with decades of experience between them. In defending the legislation, they point to the lifelong harm caused and the lack of medical evidence supporting such interventions.

“Gender modification treatments and procedures in minors have no scientifically verifiable, proven benefit. The doctors who perform them are often ignorant of the research or indifferent to how evidence-based medicine works,” they noted.

“We believe that extraordinary interventions require extraordinary justification, and that justification doesn’t exist in this case,” the lawmaking doctors continued. “The State of Texas maintains its stance that there is insufficient evidence supporting continued medical experimentation on children.”

The devastating effects of child mutilation under the guise of LGBT acceptance have become tragically clear in recent years as more and more people are stepping forward to tell their stories, such as the brave Chloe Cole.

In Tarrant County, where the Galileo Church resides, a young woman recently sued the doctors, medical professionals, and psychologist who repeatedly pressured her to walk down a path she didn’t know was one way while still a child.

Her legal filing presents a tragic “chronology of wrongful acts committed by a collective of medical providers who, in their pursuit of experimental ‘gender-affirming’ medical procedures and treatments to Plaintiff Soren Aldaco, who was then a vulnerable teenager struggling with a slew of mental health issues.”

These “negligent and grossly negligent actions,” the lawsuit continues, “have had, and will continue to have, a profound and lasting impact on her physical and mental health and quality of life.” The lawsuit is worth reading to see the harm caused by the haphazard administration of such procedures.

Nevertheless, activist groups and now even a self-proclaimed church are helping facilitate a pipeline to send minors to undergo irreversible surgeries before they even finish growing up. Perhaps these children would be better served by the Psalmist’s reflection on God: “You knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

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