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Uncle Sam’s Making Me Take The Covid Jab To Become An American Citizen

Give me liberty or give me subclinical myocarditis.


Nearly a million legal immigrants became American citizens last year, the third-highest number in history. One angle missing from the news coverage: Every single one of those immigrants was required, as a precondition of citizenship, to get a Covid booster.

The Immigration and Nationality Act and related federal regulations were designed from a reasonable public health perspective to require immunization against “vaccine-preventable diseases.” However, this regulation has since been expanded to require immunization with any product recommended by CDC guidance, whether or not it prevents disease at all and regardless of any harm such a requirement could inflict. I refer not only to the harm potentially caused by an experimental injection to its individual recipients but to the harm done to the future of the nation by forcing immigrants to submit to mandates widely understood as unscientific.

I’ll admit, this is personal. I have thus far made it to the fall of 2023 without a trace of Pfizer lipid nanoparticles in my circulation. Indeed, in my work as a pediatrician, I consider it a moral duty to speak out against unserious mRNA vaccine studies and to do all I can to protect the children here in my Texas community from Covid vaccine mandates. You can thus imagine my dismay upon learning, as my own citizenship case progresses, that getting a Covid vaccine — with the non-zero risk of myocarditis and other life-altering side-effects such an injection carries — is a requirement for adoption by Uncle Sam.

I am faced with the “choice” to leave my patients, my (American-born) wife and children, and my church — or submit to a medical intervention with no feasible public benefit and significant potential health downsides.  

As Dr. Vinay Prasad points out, the Covid vaccines “do NOT have a favorable risk-benefit balance in healthy young men who had Covid.” I am one such man, with bloodwork proving possession of plentiful natural antibodies to Covid (earned the easy way, after an asymptomatic infection, as is typical for my age and health).

Yet while the U.S. government accepts proof of natural immunity for all manner of other diseases (measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, polio, and varicella), the immigrant medical exam directives contain “COVID-19 specific vaccine guidance” that makes clear that, antibodies or not, everybody who wants citizenship must first pay meet adoration to the Pfizer gods.

Amusingly, this unscientific edict doesn’t just apply to the unvaccinated like me, but even to pharma’s most obedient clients: following CDC guidance, even immigrants who dutifully lined up for boosters repeatedly throughout 2021 are still treated as insufficiently vaccinated until they get at least one dose of the updated bivalent booster. As the authorities explain, adults “who are unvaccinated or previously received only monovalent vaccine doses are recommended to receive 1 bivalent mRNA vaccine dose.” If you’re unable to keep up with Harold Ford Jr., booster for booster (and Covid infection after Covid infection), America wants no part of you.

Becoming an American citizen is not a right, it is a privilege. The United States can make whatever requirements it wants for citizenship. If Congress decides that no foreigner can become an American without a ticket stub from Taylor Swift’s “Eras” tour, that’s your call. But what kind of a populace would such legislation produce? Considering that we did not hear many, if any, indignant protests from the million new Americans who submitted to an unnecessary booster last year, I think we shall soon find out.

I am not aiming to be some entitled brat, bossing my new country around. I am coming to you humbly, trying to make you aware of the country you are building when you deliberately exclude all those who don’t routinely light Fauci prayer candles.

Consider the opposite scenario: What if American immigration law stated that only those foreigners with a track record of not falling for the latest unscientific CDC guidance can qualify? Did you wear a mask in the car on your way to getting your fifth booster? No citizenship for you. What kind of new populace would such a policy beget? Picture those hypothetical new Americans and understand that the very real new Americans you are welcoming these days are their pusillanimous polar opposite. Would you rather have a nation of principled, courageous Djokovics, or of triple-boosted Trudeaus?  

You may recall news coverage of naturalization ceremonies in which teary-eyed immigrants finally live out their dream and officially become citizens of the greatest country on Earth. I must admit, I’ve long dreamt of the day when I too will get to stand in that room, loudly and proudly swear my allegiance, and wave the flag for the first time as a real, honest-to-goodness American citizen. That day may still come, once I have this potentially dangerous, highly profitable Big Pharma product injected into my body for no good reason.

I love America so much, getting the jab is a price I’m willing to pay. Standing before the official with my hand over my hopefully undamaged heart, saying my oath, clutching my little flag, I still may shed a tear that day, but it will not be for myself: It will be for a land that once was free.

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