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AMA Article Calls For Ripping Your Womb From Your Dead Body And Stuffing It Between A Delusional Man’s Legs

Doctors could easily pocket their scalpels and think about the implications of giving men female-specific organs. They don’t because they have a profit to make and an agenda to advance.


Female organ donors, beware! Researchers published by the American Medical Association want people like me and you to pay for a delusional male to host your womb.

Biotechnologists regularly fantasize about filling warehouses with artificial wombs, use dehumanizing “gene editing,” and have already begun fabricating female gametes from male cells so they can take women out of reproduction. Now, they are calling for taxpayer-funded uterus transplants, either harvested from organ donors or taken from women who had hysterectomies, for men who hope to buy their way into carrying a baby.

An article from the AMA’s Journal of Ethics argues that people like me and you should pay for womb transplants for men in ladyface “who want to gestate their own children,” gender dysphoric men “who want uterus transplants to consolidate their identities,” or gay men who simply don’t want to pay to rent another woman’s womb.

The call to action was one of several pieces of radical gender ideology propaganda that appeared in the “Patient-Centered Transgender Surgical Care” Issue published in June. While the study included a standard disclaimer, AMA media rep RJ Mills refused to tell The Federalist that the organization disagrees with the recommendations of the article it published.

So far, only a few dozen women have successfully received a womb transplant in the U.S. Researchers all around the world, however, are holding out hope that the procedure will be available to men, despite their numerous anatomical differences from women, within the next decade.

The article’s authors, a professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago and a medical student at the University of Texas at Austin, lamented that private insurers and employers might refuse to pay for the procedure for men based on their “religious views.”

Because a majority of Americans still believe the truth that men are men and women are women, the researchers say anyone who wants a uterus transplant “for any reason” should be allowed to circumvent insurers and instead petition the government for taxpayer-funded womb transfers.

Uterus transplants are not cheap, which means the article’s authors hope to keep hardworking Americans on the hook for likely unnecessary procedures that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Their suggestion also means the tens of millions of women who agree to be post-humous organ donors could be agreeing to hand their wombs over to a male in the near future.

The article’s authors take no issue with the moral and ethical implications of such a procedure. In fact, they argue that “the case could be made that no moral obstacle stands in the way of justifying subsidies for [uterus transplants] for some transwomen and transmen.”

When humans try to evade their natural reproductive limits because of their desire to have children whenever they want, it leads to painsuffering, and, in some cases, death for women and unborn babies alike.

Doctors could easily pocket their scalpels and think about the implications of giving men female-specific organs, but they don’t because they have a profit to make and an agenda to advance. The AMA and the radical researchers it platforms are no different.

Despite the article having a standard viewpoint disclaimer, the AMA’s position on transgender disfigurement surgeries is no secret. The AMA is one of several increasingly leftist medical organizations that penned a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding the nation’s top law enforcement agency investigate and prosecute the people who object to irreversible gender experiments. That came shortly after it expressed an explicit desire to remove the “sex” category from birth certificates in an attempt to twist language in favor of its radical gender ideology agenda.

Offering taxpayer-funded womb transplants sidelines women, science, and morality. No matter how hard researchers try to eliminate females from the reproduction equation for the sake of men, they can’t ignore that women are necessary for both creating and raising children.

This article and headline have been updated since publication.

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