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Why Democrats’ Get-Trump Crusade Will End In Disappointment, Not Delight

Depression will set in when Trump, even if convicted of something, lives free for the rest of his life while his appeals against the bogus convictions succeed one at a time.


The Democrat Party has indicted former President Donald Trump again, this time on the craziest charges yet, and the unrestrainedly giddy leftists should prepare for another gut-wrenching let down. Even the perp walk they desire so badly will fail to satisfy them. 

There is no realistic way that Trump disagreeing with election results can be considered racketeering, especially when countless Democrats did the same thing after every presidential election won by a Republican in the past two decades. Democrat Stacey Abrams can claim to be the rightful governor of Georgia for years with no repercussions. But Trump has been indicted in the same state for asking the state’s officials to comb the election centers for uncounted votes. The hypocrisy is demented. 

Trump faces nearly 100 criminal counts in several courts in multiple states. This is a coordinated barrage with suspect timing. Whenever the corruption investigation inches closer to President Joe Biden, the Democrats indict Trump the next day to send a signal: Leave our guy alone, or we will raise the stakes on your guy. Or at least it appears that way to many people. 

Team Trump calls this “lawfare,” a form of transparent and ill-intentioned election interference. It is possible Trump’s team will wade through the scattergun allegations, make successful preemptive legal strikes, and convince courts to declare many of these charges defective. But he will need an unprecedented running of the defensive table to avoid getting nailed for something, especially considering the venues of these cases: all blue strongholds.

If he is convinced of a crime, especially one the Democrat leaders also regularly commit, and he goes to prison, the left will be orgasmic. Their lives will be complete, but will their quality of life really improve? 

Will getting Trump an inmate number make Hillary Clinton president? Will it take one criminal off the street in New York City, Chicago, or San Francisco? Will it convince one fleeing employer to move back to those cities? Will it improve our position in the world? Will it make groceries affordable for Americans, secure our border, or free our citizens from fentanyl? The answers are all “no.” The goal is not to improve anything. It is to get Trump. That sets the Democrats up for disappointment.  

Depression will set in when Trump, even if convicted of something, lives free for the rest of his long life while his appeals against the bogus convictions succeed one at a time. Democrats will say the judicial system is rigged against them. They will blame Justice Clarence Thomas. Do they really think a former president will go to prison for minor process crimes? The First Amendment wrecks most of these charges without breaking a sweat.  

No matter how many politicians and networks say otherwise, Trump has not been charged with sedition or insurrection. Democrat operatives have indicted him for having a big mouth and refusing to admit defeat. His state of mind and prosecutors’ disparate treatment of others who acted similarly will be front and center at his trials and in the court of public opinion. 

Trump will ask why Clinton can mishandle secret documents and willfully destroy evidence, but Trump faces criminal prosecution for his classified documents. Why can Biden scatter classified documents all over his houses and Chinatown, but Trump cannot have materials at his home? Why can Democrat senators and congressmen make calls to arms that resulted in, or at least supported, deadly riots all over our country and hold up the First Amendment as a complete defense, but Trump cannot?

Why can Clinton author a book and go on a promotional tour claiming Trump stole her presidency, but Trump cannot call an election rigged? Clinton, one of the least popular presidential candidates ever, will be on trial by analogy. 

The same people pushing Trump’s prosecution will go to shocking lengths to protect Biden and his family. They tell us Biden was in the dark about alleged family bribes until that is repeatedly exposed as a lie. Then, once caught, they admit he attended meetings with his son and foreign oligarchs that lined up with receipts of those bribes, but say he was only discussing the weather. Now, Biden’s counsel says no paper trail will directly link the bribes to Biden. Also, Biden is a great dad and should just be left alone. 

When the Biden family crumbles and the Democrats say, “OK, OK. Just let Joe retire in peace. He’s a good man. He has experienced loss. He does not understand all of this and was just taking bribes to help his son get on his feet,” the answer must be, “No, it’s too late for any of that. You should not have started this.” When hypocrisy of this degree runs headlong into reality, those involved must pay the piper. 

Imagine if more than half of the American public sees Biden circling the drains of job performance and mental fitness and decides to elect Trump, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, or another Republican who would retaliate against the left’s lawfare. Think of the unemployment lines in Washington, D.C. Bureaucrats will stand up, put their desk materials in a box, and receive their indictment from a smiling special counsel on their way out the door to the metro. 

Whether Trump wins or loses in 2024, the Democrat Party will not see him executed, lashed, or imprisoned for life. They’ll be let down.

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