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Trump’s Georgia Indictment Shows The Democrat Political Prosecutions Are So Much Worse Than The Supposed Crimes

In the Democrats’ unending quest to heal from their trauma of 2016, they end up looking far worse than Trump each and every time.


Another prosecutor has done it again. In legal pursuit of Donald Trump, she’s made herself look somehow crazier and more pathetic than any of his desperate attempts to “overturn the results” of the 2020 election.

I know that entire year is still a sore spot for everyone, especially for us, the people who watched for months on end the state-sanctioned harassment of innocent pedestrians, the justification of violent riots (so long as they were of a particular persuasion), and, most enraging, the fix of a national election through ballot rigging and intelligence community meddling. Of course, Trump was angry he lost. So was everyone who voted for him.

And he had every right to pursue any legal avenue that might possibly correct an invalid election result. Unfortunately, he was wedded, and remains so, to the most unlikely one — the hunt for hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots.

Re-read the transcript of the January 2021 phone call between Trump, some of his staff and legal team, and Georgia’s secretary of state. Or better yet, listen to it. Trump sounds enraged to the point of tears each time he’s told that his numbers aren’t born out by the data and that all attempts to validate his claims of mass fraud have turned out either vastly exaggerated or completely without merit. His response is to say he should have never endorsed the governor and call him a “disaster,” who “I can’t imagine he’s ever getting elected again.” (Kemp won reelection in November with more than 53 percent of the vote.)

It’s a pitiful thing to witness, and if Democrats were a smart bunch, they would have collectively said, “Okay, that was interesting. We’re going to head out now. See you in four years. And could you bring this Trump guy back again?”

But rather than take the win, Democrats have instead decided to hang around, get drunk, and take turns saying, “Watch this!” while doing belly flops into an empty pool. The latest is a criminal indictment of Trump and several others from Georgia prosecutor Fani Willis, who unveiled the charges Monday with the cringiest late-night press announcement. She plodded through her prepared remarks at head-splitting volume, enunciating every syllable of every word as if she was speaking to an elderly, hard-of-hearing Chinese immigrant.

Willis said the charges relate to the state’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) statute. To give you a sense of how surreal that is, Willis used the same thing last year to prosecute a gang called “Young Slime Life,” led by the appropriately named Young Thug, for multiple murders, carjackings, and shootings. By contrast, Trump’s “criminal enterprise,” as Willis called it, involved a hissy fit phone call, requests for ballot information from Georgia election officials (all denied except one by an official who literally invited the scrutiny), and a long-shot effort that would ensure placement of alternate electors to cast votes for Trump in the event that the initial electors were deemed legally invalid.

It may not be a murder, but it’s pretty darn close!

Democrats like Willis will do literally anything to get some media attention re-litigating 2020. If Trump had looked for fraudulent votes at Chuck E. Cheese instead of Fulton County, some Democrat prosecutor would have poured countless arcade tokens into getting the animatronics to say they had been pressured into overturning the election.

The former president’s post-election efforts spiraled into humiliating conduct. But to give up your dignity by insisting on something you’re unable to prove is no more illegal than an attempted cartwheel in public that ends with your pants coming off.

If I’m in a restaurant with a friend and I tell my companion to grab the money left on a nearby table because it’s actually mine, I might be lying to steal it, or I might actually believe it’s mine for any number of reasons, including because maybe it really is mine. If I’m lying and my friend knows I’m lying and grabs the money for me, we’re both guilty of theft. But if my friend asks me to prove the money is mine and I can’t, so he refuses my request, and we drop the matter, perhaps that makes me a questionable character for making an unjustified claim — but did I commit a crime? Good luck not looking like a petty, wildly incompetent idiot pursuing that case.

Trump’s post-election behavior was unseemly enough for voters to ponder whether they’d actually be comfortable nominating him for president again. But in the Democrats’ unending quest to heal from their trauma of 2016, they end up looking far worse than Trump each and every time.

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