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Breaking News Alert Report: FBI Employee In Gun Background Check Unit Expressed Disappointment That Trump Lived

The Longer Republicans Sit On Their Hands, The More Likely America’s Self-Destruction Becomes Irreversible

Joe Biden and Merrick Garland
Image CreditWhite House/Flickr

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced on Friday that U.S. attorney for the District of Delaware David Weiss, who orchestrated Hunter Biden’s sweetheart plea deal, will now serve as special counsel in the government’s probe of the Biden family business.

The blatantly partisan decision to appoint a co-conspirator in the plot to cover up the Biden family business should not go unpunished. Republicans should start by impeaching Garland, whose track record even before the recent special counsel appointment was worth immense scrutiny. Garland’s decision to bestow special privileges and status on yet another one of Biden’s corrupt deep-state attorneys only adds to the growing list of reasons why he should be prosecuted and removed.

Garland isn’t the only one who should pay. The whole DOJ, its pawns in the FBI, and whoever in the White House is giving them orders should be held to account for their travesties against the American people.

The Biden administration shouldn’t get away with its attempts to obstruct the Democrat president’s role in an international influence-peddling scheme. Unfortunately, the corrupt bureaucracy’s Biden business cover-up is only part of the downfall of the nation.

Any American can see that the biggest election-rigging plot to date is happening right under their noses. Every time there is a bombshell breakthrough in the Biden family corruption case, former President Donald Trump is punished with more concocted charges and indictments.

Now more than ever, the right must fight back. If Republicans don’t use their majority in the House and the thin margin in the Senate to curb the deep state, they may never have a chance again.

That sounds dramatic, but it’s true. One look at the actions of the Biden administration and its leftist cronies shows they want nothing more than to undercut the foundational principles of our constitutional republic and replace them with leftist fantasies.

Already, leftists have worked overtime to ensure the nation’s cities burned, hardworking taxpayers were forced out of their jobs over a jab, national security was comprised thanks to a wide open southern border, and American voters didn’t get all of the information they needed to make an informed decision during the 2016, 2020, and now 2024 election cycle.

The few institutions the left doesn’t quite dominate, such as the Supreme Court, are constantly threatened with smears and court-packing campaigns. Red states that have rejected the left’s advances face lawsuits from the feds and out-of-state-funded ballot measures designed to make them look like blue states. As I write, the unconstitutional left is trying to overturn election integrity laws so it is easier to permanently put themselves in power.

Once that is accomplished, there’s little to nothing that can be done to fight it. The authoritarian takeover is happening in plain sight, and Republicans are doing very little, if anything, to stop it.

Democrats love to use “X thing or person is a threat to democracy” as the justification for their unconstitutional actions. In reality, leftists and their radical agenda are the biggest threats our self-government faces today.

Impeachment can’t wait until Congress is back from its summer vacation. Defunding the FBI can’t wait until the spineless Senate Republicans get on board. Protecting our elections can’t wait until the corporate media are busy spinning on other issues.

The best time for the right to ward off the destruction of the country is now. Those Republicans who are silent now are throwing American voters to the wolves. Without a defense against a corrupt regime that has no problems imprisoning its political enemies and those it deems guilty of wrongthink, Americans and the founding principles that inspire and invigorate them will be long gone.

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