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Hunter Biden Plea Deal Derailed By Federal Judge

Hunter Biden
Image CreditCBS News / YouTube

Hunter Biden pled not guilty to federal tax crimes Wednesday after an agreement with the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s office fell apart.

In June, the president’s son struck a plea deal with federal prosecutors limited to two misdemeanor tax crimes and a felony firearm charge. The latter count of illegal firearm possession would have been forgiven after 24 months of sobriety. The agreement was reportedly derailed when the federal judge overseeing the case pressed attorneys with questions that revealed divisions between both sides.

Hunter Biden was expected to plead guilty to a trio of federal charges despite the fact that whistleblowers from the investigation with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) claimed significant felonies were left off the table.

Veteran IRS agents Joseph Ziegler and Gary Shapley testified before House lawmakers last week that the Department of Justice (DOJ) sought to thwart their federal tax investigation that originated as a probe into a foreign pornography ring. According to Shapley, U.S. Delaware Attorney David Weiss allowed the statute of limitations to pass to avoid filing additional charges. Whistleblowers also said they were left in the dark about record evidence from the FBI that was corroborated by the bureau implicating President Joe Biden in a criminal bribery scheme with Hunter’s Ukrainian business partners.

Federal prosecutors revealed in the courtroom Wednesday that the Justice Department is still weighing charges under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

The department sent a letter to the House Judiciary Committee on Monday, offering Weiss to testify after the August recess.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy opened the door to impeachment proceedings against the president related to the Biden family business ventures this week. On Tuesday, McCarthy told Fox News an inquiry will commence once information begins being withheld from GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

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