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The Real Reason The Left Hates Jason Aldean’s New Song Has Nothing To Do With ‘Racism’

Jason Aldean
Image CreditJason Aldean/YouTube

Jason Aldean’s song is about citizens physically resisting the left’s organized violence and dysfunction.


On Monday, Country Music Television (CMT) confirmed it stopped airing Jason Aldean’s newly released music video for his song “Try That in a Small Town.” According to CMT and virtually every corporate media outlet, Aldean’s song is wildly racist and “pro-lynching.”  

This is a curious accusation, given that the song makes no reference to race at all. Instead, it’s a rebuke of the left’s 2020 summer of rage that, ironically, torched and looted countless black neighborhoods and businesses. It is also a condemnation of “defund the police” activists and Soros-installed DAs who refuse to prosecute violent criminals in lawless blue cities — something else that happens to have an outsized negative effect on minorities and low-income individuals. 

In his music video, Aldean flashes powerful images (of mostly white people) committing crimes, screaming in the faces of stoic cops, and lighting cities on fire. To all these urban looters and rioters, Aldean has a message: “That sh-t may fly in the city. Good luck trying that in a small town.” 

In other words, Aldean’s song is an assertion that rural Americans can and will defend themselves if faced with the same leftist political violence and chaos that has been unleashed on the metropolises. For the new woke world order to exist, the left needs the citizenry, and particularly men, to be neutered (hence why they label masculinity “toxic”). 

Abled-bodied males are expected to stand down when, for example, a violent, deranged criminal threatens to “hurt anyone on this train” in the New York City subway. If one dares intervene to protect those around him, he risks severe punishment

I know Aldean is right when he sings that small-town Americans will defend themselves against leftist criminals because I’ve seen it. When I did on-the-ground reporting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, following the 2020 shooting of Jacob Blake, I witnessed men face off against out-of-state Marxist rioters who sought to destroy their city. 

Men stood on roofs and at the doorsteps of their homes and businesses with baseball bats, handguns, semi-automatic rifles, and shotguns, ready to defend themselves and their community, and it absolutely enraged the left. They’d prefer Kenoshans have stood idly by and accepted their fate at the hands of the sacred, protected class of woke arsonists and vandals instead. 

‘Racism’ Charges Are a False Flag

Make no mistake, the “racism” accusations are a false flag. If the left cared about songs lionizing the deaths of black people, they would be protesting the music labels and radio stations that profit from rap and drill music — genres that brag about the real-life murders of black youths.  

Variety Magazine admitted its true gripe with the song is “how it conflates the act of protesting with violent crime.” Acknowledging and condemning the destructiveness of leftist policies and activism is considered wrongthink. After numerous deaths and billions of dollars in damages, Democrats still want us to believe 2020 was a “summer of love” filled with “mostly peaceful” protests. Aldean’s music video reminds us that’s a bald-faced lie. 

Likewise, Americans had better not acknowledge the devolution of blue cities. This week, CNBC released a ranking of the best and worst states to live in. The top 10 states were all blue states, and the bottom 10 were all red states. Democrats are desperately trying to deny the fact that they’ve destroyed every city and state they run. Yet all you need to do is look at the massive number of urban refugees currently fleeing Democrat strongholds in a mass exodus to know the left is running blue states and cities into the ground. 

The Left Despises Rural America 

Tangential to the left’s hatred of men strong enough to resist left-wing crime and political violence is their hatred of rural America. “Try That in a Small Town” is not just a repudiation of big-city values, it’s a celebration of small-town values. “Try that in a small town. See how far ya make it down the road. ‘Round here, we take care of our own,” sings Aldean.

Rural America is by every metric freer than urban America. Small-town Americans are able to exercise their full Second Amendment rights, can resist the extreme regulations and laws of big-city governments (this was particularly true during Covid), and are far less susceptible to the woke mind virus infecting cosmopolitan schools, businesses, and governance. Communities are also far stronger in rural America than in urban America.  

A song that praises the liberties enjoyed by small towns with strong communal ties is deeply troublesome to the left. They prefer the citizenry be disconnected, feeble (both physically and mentally), and obedient. Meanwhile, their violence, which razes history and civilization, has a purpose: It enriches corrupt leaders who want to totally transform our democratic republic into a racially “equitable” neo-Marxist hellscape.

Since the racism accusations, Aldean has tried to defend himself and his song. He is going to be punished for his song both monetarily and in lost awards and recognition because he is now a thought criminal.

But he needs to stop. He doesn’t need to explain himself to the left. He should lean into the criticisms and be proud of his song. It is an artistic rejection of the left’s horrifying goals and a symbol of defiance. The Orwellian overlords want “Try That in a Small Town” expunged from the airwaves because Aldean is 100 percent over the target. 

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