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Another Year Of Bidenflation Means More Record-Breaking Independence Day Cookout Costs

Americans will pay 17 percent more for hamburger buns, 5 percent more for potato salad, and 4 percent more for ground beef than last year.


Backyard barbecue buffs all across the nation will pay more for several grilling goodies in 2023 after enduring yet another year of the Biden administration’s damaging economic policies.

new report from the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) found that the total cost for a 10-person Independence Day gathering featuring hamburgers, chicken, pork chops, chips, lemonade, ice cream, and other goodies will cost $67.73.

AFBF framed this year’s estimation as “Down Slightly From 10-Year High,” after last year’s total of $69.68. But that framing doesn’t provide the whole story, especially considering that Americans will pay 17 percent more for hamburger buns, 5 percent more for potato salad, 4 percent more for ground beef, and 3 percent more for strawberries and ice cream than they did in 2022.

AFBF’s Chief Economist Roger Cryan noted that this year’s overall calculated cost is “still 14 percent higher than it was two years ago.” Data also shows this is “the second highest” priced cookout recorded since the survey’s conception in 2013.

Two years have passed since President Joe Biden’s White House bragged about saving Americans money on their backyard barbecues in 2021. In reality, the prices of barbecue basics were only pennies lower than in 2020, when prices were marred by government-mandated lockdowns and a supply-chain crisis. At the time, Americans were also struggling to keep up with record-high gas prices and a 5 percent increase in the cost of consumer goods.

In 2022, Americans paid 17 percent more for their patriotic picnics thanks to government-induced inflation.

Elevated Independence Day cookout costs aren’t the only price hikes Americans are concerned about. Polling suggests that 9 in 10 U.S. voters are worried about the higher prices that Biden repeatedly insists aren’t his problem.

Contrary to what the White House and its allies in the corporate media suggest, America’s hot economic turmoil is not “cooling.” Consumer Price Index reports repeatedly indicate that Americans under Biden are paying more than ever on necessities like food and housing.

In May alone, Americans paid 6.7 percent more for groceries, 5.9 percent more for electricity, and 8 percent more for shelter than they paid during 2022’s record highs.

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