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To The Angry TikTok Feminists: Try Applying Some Lip Gloss

TikTok Feminists
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Do these women look liberated?


Christian influencer Vanessa Irene is being attacked by a mob of angry TikTok feminists after she posted a video listing off things “men love about women aesthetically.” In the video, which has received over 1.6 million views, Irene says that men love women who have white teeth, shiny hair, and polished toenails; prioritize physical fitness; and wear cute sunglasses, cute handbags, lip gloss, and perfume. She also added that for one’s own self-respect, women should avoid looking sloppy and “take care of [themselves],” even at home during “relaxing days.” 

While I’m not sure every one of Irene’s tips applies to all men (most men probably don’t care about how “cute” a woman’s handbag is), Irene’s general message is correct; women should emphasize their femininity if they want to attract a partner. This angered the TikTok feminists for two reasons. One, they hate that Irene was preaching about outward expressions of femininity, and two, they disagree with the very premise that women should attempt to make themselves appealing to men.

A grouchy boomer named Anne Russell made a cruel response video criticizing Irene for “spouting such rubbish” and, without evidence, stated that Irene has not “learned any life skills.” According to Russell, Irenee has been “twisted by some terrible ideology to believe that she only counts when she’s considered a trinket, a toy to be picked up by some random man.” 

Similarly, TikToker Meghan Dowling said that Irene has “internalized misogyny,” specifically criticizing her for saying women should look put together on “relaxing days” because she’s “catering to the male gaze in this heteronormative way.” 

Marriage And Family Oppose ‘Liberation’

Ironically, the only people who have been “twisted by some terrible ideology” are the feminists. Growing up, my mom had a lot of clever sayings (my favorite is “my job is to get you to heaven, not Harvard”) and very wise life advice. One of her most important lessons, which she’s dispelled on me and nearly every other young person she encounters, is that the most important thing in your young adult years — for both men and women — is finding a spouse. 

Now that’s completely counter to what the “empowered,” “I don’t need a man” feminists tell women, but it’s entirely in tune with human nature and biology. All living creatures have an innate desire to reproduce. If they didn’t, their species would die out.

For humans, though, the desire to attract a partner is deeper than biology. You find a partner to build a life with and, most importantly, a family. Christians believe family is the original cell of social life and a divine institution. It serves both a biological need for reproduction and a spiritual function of ingraining moral values in the next generation, orienting their souls toward God.

To feminists, though, the desire to attract a spouse and start a family is antithetical to their movement. Since the sexual revolution, feminists have insisted that to be an “empowered woman,” you must stop being a woman. Everything that makes women special — their emotional intelligence, physical beauty, and especially their ability to give life — was deemed a weakness. Today, modern leftists “shout” their abortions and struggle to even define the word “woman.”

Rejecting Objective Beauty

The TikTok feminists are also offended by what Irene says is beautiful. Studies show that men are far more attracted to feminine faces and higher-pitched voices. Feminine beauty naturally compliments men’s masculinity, fueling attraction. Irene’s general advice that women should emphasize their femininity is objectively correct.

But her conventional wisdom on beauty and attraction enrages feminists because they reject beauty altogether. Feminists want women to be “liberated” from “beauty standards” and “the male gaze.” To liberate women, feminists have tried to destroy the culture’s understanding of objective beauty and even reality, constantly berating us with “beauty at any size” campaigns and “women can have penises” news articles.   

Yet turning natural feminine beauty on its head hasn’t made women happier. Something all these women appear to have in common is they seem pretty miserable, and that checks out with the data. Numerous studies show that conservative women are far happier than liberal women, which is understandable given that liberal women have been manipulated by a “twisted” and “terrible ideology” into rejecting their very biological and spiritual nature.

Feminists Are Female Incels

Feminism told women that their femininity and desires to find a spouse and have children are regressive and things that must be suppressed. Yet the feminists don’t appear very liberated. To me, they just look angry.

Take a look at these two other response videos to Irene, where the feminists assert that men are not worth looking beautiful for because they are sex-crazed pigs (and I’m couching the language).

Warning: Explicit language below.

These are pretty harsh and false generalizations to make about all men, but then again, man-hating is a pillar of feminism. The movement turned men into the ultimate enemy standing in the way of female autonomy. In this way, feminists have become no different than incels. Both groups irrationally detest the opposite sex, hurting only themselves as they self-isolate and avoid meaningful relationships. 

“I really hope that all those girls that believe that awful rubbish learn something to fall back on when it all goes wrong because oh my God, it will,” said Russell. Now that sounds like a projection from a very bitter, old lady, who probably believed everything the radical feminist movement told her during her younger years, and is now angrily dragging other women down the same path.

The best thing for all these TikTok feminists to do is to get off their soap boxes and maybe take Irene’s advice. A little lip gloss may make them feel better.

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