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Breaking News Alert Judge In Docs Case Throws Out DOJ's Lawfare Against Trump, Rules Jack Smith's Appointment Unconstitutional

It’s Past Time For Republicans To Impeach Biden And All His Top Officials

Joe Biden with Chinese dude
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If you care about constitutional norms, you have to support impeaching Joe Biden.


We now have more evidence that Joe Biden is a criminal than Democrats faked in order to spy on and then impeach Donald Trump twice, hamstringing his entire four years in office. Yet Trump has become the first president in U.S. history to be raided by the FBI and now indicted — over documents the Department of Justice will not identify, even to courts.

The indictment is a scam, on every level. It is pure treachery designed to make a mockery of the American justice system to persecute Democrats’ top political enemy. Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Mike Pence, and Barack Obama all had “documents disputes,” and none of them were indicted despite several of their offenses being clearly far worse than what’s on the table with Trump.

The indictment is a farce. And it’s a dangerous one, as a very public and high-level weaponization of America’s legal system for political purposes. This is banana republic behavior, folks, and it’s destroying what’s left of the American constitutional order that preserves for all of us a way of life unparalleled in human history.

If Republicans actually care about the rule of law, their oaths to the Constitution, the American people, and preserving the best country in the world, they will treat this as a five-alarm constitutional crisis and respond accordingly. That means immediately moving to impeach Biden and his entire cabinet, among other strong political choices designed to make unhinged Democrats stop turning this great country into an authoritarian dumpster fire.

There is no other way. We are in this situation precisely because of Republicans’ weak and ineffective response to decades of Democrats using the Constitution as so much toilet paper, and aggressively shredding the political, legal, and cultural norms required to preserve a self-governing republic. Republicans need to be done posturing on TV and conducting impotent years-long investigations that result in no corrupt bureaucrats’ heads rolling while continuing legislatively to meet Democrats halfway to insanity.

We are not in the 1980s anymore. Stop acting like Democrats are legitimate political opponents because they did that to Republicans a long time ago. Meet them on their own terms, not nostalgia for a fantasy world.

After the eight-year saga of Spygate, it is a complete nonstarter for Republicans to take any other course than requiring Democrats to live within constitutional boundaries, full stop. We’re not talking about holding hearings about the FBI’s weaponization while its director thumbs his nose at Congress. We’re talking stripping funds, impeding the FBI and Department of Justice’s normal business operations, impeaching the FBI director and attorney general, impeaching corrupt deputies, filing legal cases against their operations in friendly venues, and hounding them with ceaseless investigations.

Remember, this unhinged FBI and DOJ spied on Trump using the pretext of a fake dossier paid for by his Democrat opponent’s campaign, which the special counsel report shows the FBI should have and probably did know was manufactured disinformation. That investigation formed the basis of Democrats’ pursuit of impeaching Trump, on false charges of being a traitor on behalf of Russia.

Get reality through your thick skulls already, Republicans: The nation’s federal law enforcement agencies framed an opposition president with false information to overturn his election. Not one of the people involved has been brought to justice. That kind of spy state behavior is completely untenable for a country that wants to preserve free and fair elections — you know, the precondition for democratic self-government!

Democrats vilify Russia while acting exactly like Russia’s government. Republicans’ refusal to respond appropriately to such horrifying, authoritarian behavior from Democrats has ensured it will continue.

Thursday, the same day the lawless DOJ told Democrats’ top political enemy they’ve hauled him into court on trumped-up charges, more evidence emerged that Democrats’ current president took bribes to benefit interests in a country he also sent approximately $80 billion from U.S. taxpayers for war. The evidence for this bribe is much more reliable than that Democrats cooked up to frame Trump.

The FBI sought to hide this evidence from Congress, which technically is supposed to be in complete control of the FBI. As a special counsel report showed in May, the FBI has established a pattern of hiding incriminating evidence against Democrats and using its power to baselessly harass Republicans.

While Democrats used a pack of lies to form the basis of an impeachment of Republicans’ last president, Republicans have more than enough actual evidence to form the basis of a legitimate impeachment of Biden. They don’t even need investigations. The evidence is all right out in the open that not just Biden but his entire administration are wantonly violating their oaths of fealty to the Constitution.

The president’s oath of office includes swearing to “faithfully execute the office of president” and to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Biden and his entire administration have done nothing but openly attack, destroy, defame, and denounce the Constitution of the United States.

The Biden administration’s blatant violations of the Constitution are numerous, ongoing, and unrepentant. Let’s just mention a few, but they are rife in every area the presidency oversees. Perhaps the most obvious is the administration’s refusal to enforce U.S. immigration laws and constitutional requirements for citizenship status.

Failing to faithfully execute the duly passed laws of the United States is a violation of a president and his appointees’ oaths of office. Full stop. These are fundamental laws, too, not just some technicalities somewhere. A country’s sovereignty is degraded, if not erased, if it does not control its own borders. Any government’s first job is the physical security of its people, and allowing unknown people from foreign countries across the border endlessly forfeits that primary responsibility.

This is a pattern of lawlessness, not a mere fluke. It continues through Attorney General Merrick Garland’s refusal, for example, to enforce U.S. laws banning people from threatening federal judges and Supreme Court justices. This is another serious violation of their oaths, and it endangers the functioning of our republic under the rule of law. Who can trust the judgments of a court that is constantly threatened by politically motivated mobs and would-be assassins?

In addition, Democrats’ efforts to imprison their top political enemy is an anti-constitutional tactic fit for an authoritarian, totalitarian, mobster-run government. Republicans simply can’t keep on refusing to return fire — that’s why there’s been a Spygate, an FBI raid, and now an indictment. We don’t want to know what’s next. This needs to end. Republicans need to make it stop, now.

Issuing reports and feckless demands for cooperation from agencies Congress is supposed to control is not making it stop, and it never will. This is a good start. But we need more.

Take out all the political stops. Stop pretending at business as usual with confirmed political terrorists who use any power they get to turn this country into an authoritarian police state. Tie up the Senate with impeachment trials against every person in the administration participating in this nonsense. Refuse to give them anything they want — a debt ceiling expansion, judges, anything — until this frightening rejection of elections ends.

If you care about norms, you have to support impeaching Joe Biden. Because Democrats are erasing all the norms of a constitutional republic, and if no one stops them, you can kiss goodbye the freest republic the world has ever known.

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