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Thanks To The Brave Men Who Saved New York Subway Riders From Jordan Neely


Jordan Neely apparently forgot to call out for “mama” when he was being subdued for his unruly conduct on the New York subway this week. But no problem — the anarchists (also known as “Democrats”) steadily grinding our legal system to dust have found out he was a “Michael Jackson impersonator,” so now they’re using that cute detail to threaten a new round of citywide arson, vandalism, and violence.

In a sane world, we would be showing immense gratitude for the two bystanders who took it upon themselves to ensure that 30-year-old Neely, who had been screaming at passengers, did no harm. There would be morning network TV segments heralding their quick action in a moment of certain danger. Instead, NBC’s “Today” paid tribute to Neely with a montage of his street performances, accompanied by an upbeat Michael Jackson song. (It wasn’t incidental audio used by Neely for his dances. It was a track placed on the video by the show’s producers.)

Democrats like AOC accused the vet of murder. Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine eulogized Neely, who he said: “always made people smile.”

We don’t even know the name of the men who were trying to get Neely under control, only that one is a 24-year-old military vet. And because he happened to be white and was the one holding Neely to the ground with his arms wrapped around Neely’s neck, he’s who’s being targeted. (Incidentally, no one is saying a word about the second man who was trying to arrest Neely’s flailing arms and who appears to have been black. Funny how that works.)

Witnesses of the altercation on Monday have said that Neely was belligerently yelling at passengers aboard the train, who, in fear, were trying to get away from him. Neely eventually ran up to the veteran, and a verbal altercation ensued before he was pulled to the floor in a headlock, and two other passengers attempted to subdue his limbs. Neely continued trying to break free, which a witness said seemed to be an indication he wasn’t in “a risky situation.” The police were called and eventually arrived, but Neely, who was reportedly homeless and with an extensive rap sheet, had stopped breathing and died.

Nobody deserves to die, least of all some vagrant who should have long ago been committed to an institution, but anyone who has had to use a metropolitan subway system knows exactly what it feels like to be verbally harassed or even physically molested by someone just like Neely. And in those moments, you could only be so lucky that someone of greater strength was nearby to offer the kind of protection extended by the veteran. And now that Democrat district attorneys in major cities have legalized “non-violent” crime — i.e., anything just short of murder (and even then, it’s iffy) — what choice do subway passengers have but to say their prayers and hope that either they don’t run into any Jordan Neelys on their commutes, or that someone like that vet happens to be taking the same train?

It sucks that the guy died. But even as a big Michael Jackson fan, I’m glad that those two other men were there.

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