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‘Trumpism Without Trump’ Is A Media Illusion, Republicans Shouldn’t Be Seduced By It In 2024


At the moment, it’s mostly just a line favored by the media that goes something like this, as relayed Thursday in the Wall Street Journal: “Mr. DeSantis is making an implicit argument within the party that Mr. Trump is incapable of winning a general election and trying to appeal to those tired of constant turmoil.”

Republicans, whoever you are, I’m going to say this once: Heading into 2024, don’t even think about making the case, implicitly or otherwise, that you’re somehow above “constant turmoil” or that electing you is a ticket to peace and calm (often nauseatingly referred to as, “Trumpism without Trump”).

Any Republican who believes they’re the anti-noise candidate by simply vowing to abstain from Twitter fights with bedraggled cable news hosts and LeBron James is hopelessly naive. They deserve to be tarred and feathered. (Or if it’s Nikki Haley, forever gagged with a Confederate flag.)

Any Republican worth a moment’s consideration will have to not only be prepared for constant turmoil but embrace it with the flaming wingspan of a phoenix.

Donald Trump admittedly enjoys instigating petty and tacky drama befitting a Real Housewife. But the degree to which the “constant turmoil” of the last seven years has been because Trump gets his jollies from mocking ugly people is negligible. The overwhelming majority of non-stop conflict, discord, and delirium was manufactured by our dishonest media, which will never forgive the voters who elevated modern America’s first genuine Washington outsider to the presidency.

It had next to nothing to do with Trump’s personality and virtually everything to do with what he represented and the policies he pursued.

Trump promoted a policy agenda in which every American grew richer, could fly low-cost internationally, and could rest assured that our foreign allies would be expected to carry their share of the burden for global peace. The media oppose every piece of that agenda. Any attempt to enact it, whoever you are, regardless of how you talk or whether you tweet, will be placed in the dead center of their “constant turmoil.”

The endless persecution of Trump by the Justice Department and the district attorneys of every ghetto in America is undoubtedly political, but it’s not at all personal. They don’t care about Donald Trump. They care about what he means. More importantly, they hate the people who find him meaningful.

Don’t buy into the media’s storyline that there’s an opening for a “Trumpism without Trump” candidate. There isn’t. You’re either eager to confront the constant turmoil, or you’re worthless.

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