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‘Rise Of The Fourth Reich’ Makes The Case For The Covid Reckoning America Desperately Needs

In ‘Rise of the Fourth Reich,’ Steve Deace and Daniel Horowitz argue for new Nuremburg-like trials to end Covid fascism once and for all.


Over the past three years, Americans have been continuously lied to by their government about nearly every aspect of the Covid-19 pandemic. From the unscientific lockdowns to the efficacy of natural immunity to the virus, no facet of the outbreak and its subsequent state-oriented response remained safe from manipulation.

In the name of power and control, politicians, bureaucrats, and public “health” officials destroyed the lives of many with their falsehoods. And despite the media calling for Covid “amnesty,” the fallout has left millions of normal Americans wondering: How can we hold these people accountable?

A newly released book may have the answer.

In “Rise of the Fourth Reich: Confronting Covid Fascism with a New Nuremberg Trial, So This Never Happens Again,” Blaze Media commentators Steve Deace and Daniel Horowitz make the case for why America needs new Nuremburg-like trials to ensure the biomedical tyranny inflicted upon the country during the Covid outbreak isn’t used to handle future pandemics. The amount of damage caused by such government policies, they say, is practically impossible to quantify.

“Between the lockdowns, criminalization of human breathing without a Chinese face diaper, denial of lifesaving treatments, and distributing and then mandating what turned out to be shockingly dangerous shots — the physical, social, mental, and economic destruction is too vast to measure,” they write. “It is quite possible modern existence will not fully recover from this tyrannical episode in our lifetimes, if at all, given the unfortunate precedents set.”

Deace and Horowitz lay out an effective argument by creatively structuring the book as an actual court trial. At the outset, they provide an opening statement that includes a wide array of history, logic, and medical data exposing the fallacies — and in some instances, malevolence — of the political and health establishment’s pandemic response. In doing so, the authors provide readers with a solid foundation of knowledge for the “Witness List” segment of the book, which is by far its most important.

Rather than simply recounting press stories about victims of Covid fascism, Deace and Horowitz allow these “witnesses” to “testify” about their experiences with different aspects of the Covid response. It’s an extremely well-executed format that provides readers with firsthand accounts demonstrating the horrific nature of these policies.

In one chapter, for example, Anne Quiner recounts dealing with hospital staff after the facility put her Covid-positive husband, Scott, on a ventilator. Rather than meet her requests and try drugs such as ivermectin and glutathione to potentially save her husband, the Minnesota hospital, according to Anne, was seemingly content with allowing him to die on the ventilator.

“Later in December … the doctors pretty much decided based on his stiff fibrous lungs he was going to expire. The doctor requested I sign a ‘Do Not Resuscitate (comfort care)’ order, but I suggested again they try alternatives, such as glutathione, budesonide, and the [Front Line Doctors’] MATH protocol,” Anne said. “The doctor repeatedly said, ‘He’s going to expire!’”

By the time Anne was able to have her husband transferred to a hospital willing to try such medications, his condition had deteriorated significantly, and he tragically died. His doctor “later said that if Scott would have been there a couple weeks earlier, he would have had a better chance of survival,” she added.

After documenting heart-wrenching accounts like this one, Deace and Horowitz end the book by offering a proposition for the American people, calling on the public to level “the guilty verdict” by collectively rising up and demanding their elected officials act to ensure such barbarity never happens again.

“In order to achieve the en masse of elected officials holding Covidstan’s feet to the fire … we must first reach a critical mass among the people demanding justice,” they write. “Rest assured, reaching a guilty verdict in this trial is not a passive transaction. You cannot render your verdict, and then call it a day. Your work is just beginning if you do, for this is what self-government is all about, and self-government always begins with ‘self.’”

Deace and Horowitz’s call for Americans to be the self-governing people our founders envisioned is a notable departure from the overplayed rhetoric of the Republican Party, whose members love to complain about issues but rarely take action to fix them. It’s a powerful message that the only way to achieve accountability within government is for the people to hold themselves and their leaders to account.

“Rise of the Fourth Reich” provides readers with a comprehensive investigation into the failing and insidious Covid policies that have crippled our nation. Filled with extensive data and vivid, personal stories, readers should consider giving this book a read over their spring break.

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