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Can’t Afford Groceries In Biden’s America? Wall Street Journal Says Just Don’t Eat!


As many Americans struggle to put food on the table, The Wall Street Journal proposed an idea this week: Instead of Biden taking responsibility for his destructive public policy, you should just skip breakfast.

Titled “To Save Money, Maybe You Should Skip Breakfast,” the article analyzed three popular breakfast foods — eggs, juice, and cereal — and offered explanations for why they cost significantly more since last year. According to the Journal, eggs are up a whopping 70 percent, frozen orange juice is up more than 12 percent, and cereal is up 15 percent since just one year ago.

Why the crippling increases? The explanations were as plentiful as they were diverse: avian flu, bad weather, citrus disease, dead chickens, and Vladimir Putin.

Global food supply includes a myriad of liabilities and moving parts, and of course, a drop in supply will play in role in rising prices. But the Journal neglected to mention perhaps the most important contributor to Americans’ economic woes: Biden’s apparently limitless federal spending.

Ukraine aid in 2022 alone totaled $113 billion, and Congress plans to send at least $47 billion more this coming year. Under Biden’s new $1.7 trillion spending spree, he plans to inject more dollars domestically into an economy still recovering from government-imposed Covid lockdowns. Appropriations include increased funding for food stamps, utility bill assistance, childcare, Medicaid, and more.

And the greater the quantity of cash, the higher prices will universally become, as borne out in the January Consumer Price Index report.

It isn’t just breakfast foods. The energy sector is suffering, too. Electricity prices rose about 12 percent. Utility gas services jumped a whopping 26.7 percent. Gasoline, too, still stands at $3.42 today compared to averaging $2.17 in 2020.

But from the legacy media, Americans get obfuscation over accountability. As Biden plans to spend more of your hard-earned money, The Washington Post claims inflation is “good for you,” so cheer up. CNN argues the recession is like getting a $100-per-month raise. And of course, now The Wall Street Journal argues for more personal sacrifices from everyday, working-class citizens: Maybe you should just skip eating.

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