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There’s Nothing Humane About Emboldening The Corrupt Cartels Exploiting Our Open Border

Biden walks along border wall
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Under the guise of charity, a Rhode Island principal asked her staff to send ransom money to a cartel to pay a child’s smuggling debt.


It’s widely understood in the United States that Americans should never negotiate with terrorists. That principle may have influenced key foreign policy decisions for decades, but it didn’t faze a Rhode Island public high school assistant principal who emailed her employees to solicit donations for a cartel that escorted an illegal border crosser into the U.S.

“We have a student who came to America with ‘Coyote,’ which is a group that helps people. This group gives you a time frame to make a payment of $5000 dollars to those, who bring them to the state,” Mount Pleasant Assistant Principal Stefani Harvey wrote in an email to teachers last Thursday. “Our student needs our urgent support to raise another $2000 to meet his goal of $5000 by February 1st, 2023.”

At quick glance, Harvey’s email might look like a routine plea to aid a student in need. But read more than a few words into the memo and you’ll see that this fundraiser, marketed as a charitable and humane act, is to send money to the “terrorists” running the border and ruining American lives.

The “Coyote” that escorted a high school-aged migrant to the U.S. is not “a group that helps people,” as Harvey suggests. Coyotes are the smuggling arm of cartels that charge thousands of dollars to illegally escort migrants across their territory and through the U.S.-Mexico border. The $5,000 that this particular cartel member is demanding isn’t a “payment,” as Harvey states, so much as a ransom that comes with the threat of violence and punishment if it is not paid.

Harvey seems to understand the urgency associated with this debt because she asked for donations that would be ready within 12 hours of her email. What she didn’t communicate was that this money would directly go to funding the cartels’ billion-dollar human smuggling business.

Providence Public School District Chief Communications Officer Nick Domings confirmed the email’s legitimacy to Fox News but refused to comment beyond explaining that the MPHS Principal Tiffany Delaney “immediately took steps to have a retraction issued.”

In her retraction email, Delaney noted, “All funds contributed will be returned and we will seek more appropriate methods to support our students.”

There’s nothing charitable about financially or otherwise emboldening a corrupt industry that exploits people for profit.

Our Government Hands Cartels Win After Win

Unfortunately, one Rhode Island assistant principal’s “inappropriate” request for cartel money is not the first time someone with a taxpayer-funded salary turned her back on the cities, states, and country she was tasked with stewarding by handing over another win to the cartels.

In just the last few weeks, Democrat leaders ranging from a city mayor to the president of the United States cowered to cartels by forwarding an open-border agenda.

President Joe Biden may have made a performative visit to El Paso in early January to announce border security “enforcement” measures, but the border crossing loopholes he created don’t stop cartels. If anything, granting “legal” status to illegal border crossers from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela so long as they fly to a port of entry in the U.S. opens up the smuggling market for more business.

Their kidnapping and ransom schemes are only possible because Biden’s America has a reputation for letting migrants flow across the border in staggering numbers. As a result, cartels and the open border policies they thrive on are responsible for the deaths of more than a thousand migrants and several Americans in the last two years.

Some Biden loyalists are waking up to the detrimental effects a prolonged influx of unmitigated illegal immigration under Democrats has on the state of our nation. Yet they refuse to admit that it is the drastic removal of border security at the beginning of Biden’s term that turned all 50 states into border-state hellscapes.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced last week that the Big Apple, like many other Democrat-controlled areas, is overrun by the growing humanitarian crisis. He said it is “unfair” that blue cities have to shoulder that burden, as so many cities in Texas, Arizona, and California have been doing for decades.

Yet it’s Democrats’ sanctuary city policies that encourage large swaths of illegal border crossers. Historic numbers of illegal migrants directly sustain the cartels responsible for the fentanyl crises plaguing U.S. communities today.

To pretend otherwise, as Biden, Democrats, and the corporate media do, does nothing but embolden the corrupt cartels and ensure their access to a profitable market for decades to come.

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