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Corporate Media Cover For Biden Amid Worst Illegal Immigration Influx In U.S. History

illegal border crossers detained
Image CreditUSCBP/Flickr

Biden is back to ignoring the border, and his allies in the corporate media are doing the same as apprehensions shatter records.


Corporate media are running cover for President Joe Biden after U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recorded 251,487 arrests of illegal migrants, including 17 potential terrorists, at the southern U.S. border in December, making it the worst month for illegal immigration recorded in American history.

The influx was so large that CBP had to change the graph it uses to record “Southwest Land Border Encounters” for the fourth time since Biden was inaugurated in January 2021.

Border towns are “on the brink of collapse” and at least 1.2 million “gotaways,” border crossers who were spotted by border agents but not detained or screened, are floating around the United States. Yet, instead of reporting on the effect Biden’s border crisis is having on Republicans and Democrats alike, corporate media are carrying water for Biden.

Up until his performative visit to El Paso in early January, Biden barely acknowledged the crisis he brought upon the border when he took office in 2021. Now, Biden is back to ignoring the border, and his allies in the corporate media — whose previous border coverage largely focused on lies like the bogus migrant whipping story — are doing the same.

When news of the historically high number dropped on Friday night, ABC’s “World News Tonight,” CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News made no mention of it. When CBS and ABC finally covered some of the border crisis, they did not acknowledge the recent data and instead focused on how the influx of migrants was affecting Democrat mayors.

Any coverage corporate publications and networks have dedicated to the significant increase in arrests has mostly been to shill for the Democrat president.

CBS warned readers this weekend not to worry because the 7 percent increase in arrests from November to December came “before President Biden announced tougher enforcement measures that have reduced illegal entries.”

As The Federalist’s Margot Cleveland recently reported, those ill-named “enforcement” measures don’t deter influxes of migrants from entering the U.S. illegally. Instead, the Department of Homeland Security plans to merely grant a loophole “legal” status to illegal border crossers from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela so long as they fly to a port-of-entry in the U.S.

Less than one month into the calendar year, Reuters boasted that the number of illegal border crossers caught daily in January, averaging around 4,000, “plummeted” from December’s daily average of 7,400 “amid a seasonal slowdown and implementation of new restrictions imposed by U.S. President Joe Biden, a tenuous reprieve as [Biden] grapples with record crossings.”

The arrest of 4,000 migrants per day is nothing to brag about, especially considering that under former President Donald Trump in January 2020, border agents were averaging 1,180 apprehensions per day: less than a third of that number.

The number of migrants illegally crossing the border is expected to scale back slightly during harsh winter months like January and February. To give credit for that expected decrease to the implementation of Biden’s so-called “parole plan” is not only incorrect, but just another way the propaganda press is covering for Biden’s long list of self-inflicted scandals.

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