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New Video And Audio Of Paul Pelosi Attack Raise So Many Questions

That from the beginning this has been so weird, and that the corporate media continue trying to cut the mic of anyone who notices, makes it still very mysterious.


Video footage and the 911 call related to the highly weird Paul Pelosi beating from October were released Friday, so the whole thing is a little less mysterious in that we now know the former House speaker’s husband’s attacker really did break into the Pelosi home using a hammer on a glass door and Paul really did try calling the cops for help.

But now there are new questions about what exactly happened between the time the assailant, David DePape, broke into the home and the moment police got to the scene. The corporate media, which take it upon themselves to defend all things Nancy Pelosi, will no doubt call the questions “conspiracy theories” and “disinformation,” but now that I’ve endured seeing 82-year-old Paul in his underwear, hopefully they’ll humor me.

The police body cam footage is disturbing, but just as weird is Paul’s 911 call. As calmly as can be, he tells the San Francisco police operator that “there’s a gentleman here waiting for my wife to come back” and that “I guess we’ll have to wait” because Nancy was in Washington, D.C., and wouldn’t be home for a number of days. Asked if he needs emergency assistance, Paul says, “I don’t think so” but asks if the Capitol Police are “around.” The operator tells him that he called the San Francisco police, to which Paul says, “I understand.” Then, apparently talking to DePape, Paul says, “I don’t know, what do you think?”

DePape seems to respond, but it’s unintelligible. “He thinks everything’s good, but I’ve got a problem, but he thinks everything’s good,” Paul tells the operator. He also says DePape “just came into the house,” that he doesn’t know who DePape is, and, “Anyway, he’s telling me to put the phone down.” The operator asks for DePape’s name and, apparently being able to hear the operator, he responds, “David DePape. My name’s David.”

Was the call on speakerphone? The criminal complaint against DePape said Paul was asleep in his bedroom when DePape encountered him. At some point, Paul was able to go to a bathroom to make the 911 call. But DePape is clearly heard near Paul on the phone. Did he go with him to the bathroom? Did he not care that Paul was calling the cops? That’s strange, since DePape told police after his arrest that he was there to physically harm Nancy. Wouldn’t the involvement of police complicate that effort?

I know the only acceptable opinion to voice about this in the eyes of the corrupt media is that DePape is a depraved, mentally unwell individual and that this is the logical consequence of Donald Trump having stirred up violent white nationalists, but I must say… I listened to the audio recording of DePape’s interview with police after his arrest, and while he was a little overzealous in his conduct and ambitions, his account of political affairs and events of the not-distant past is not only not insane, it’s actually pretty accurate. He told the cops that Democrats and Washington bureaucrats lied in criminal ways to take down Trump (true) and that it “starts” with Hillary Clinton (true).

All of that is to say even if DePape has mental deficits, he was not incoherent or confused.

The call to police happened at 2:23 a.m., according to the criminal complaint. Less than 10 minutes later, two officers were at the Pelosi residence and knocking on the door. It’s unclear who opens it from inside, but there stand Paul and DePape, each holding the same hammer, but not in any apparent struggle. There also appears to be a beverage can in Paul’s left hand. (He gets thirsty in these situations.)

“Hey guys,” Paul says to the police.

“How you doing?” an officer responds.

“How are ya?” Pelosi says.

“What’s going on, man?” an officer says.

DePape replies, “Everything’s good.”

Paul again says, “Hi.”

It’s a surreal scene, which is perhaps why only then did a cop order that the hammer be let go, to which DePape says, “Uh, nope!” He and Paul begin to struggle over it, before DePape tugs it away and then charges, bludgeoning Paul, though most of it isn’t directly visible in the footage.

Where were the two men before answering the door? What were they doing? It doesn’t look like they were fighting before the cops arrived, given the calm greeting Paul offered. So how did the two end up holding the hammer together? Why did DePape decide to become aggressive only after police had come to the house?

The ramifications of a prominent Democrat’s spouse being assaulted are pretty limited. But that from the beginning this has been so weird, and that the corporate media continue trying to cut the mic of anyone who notices, makes it still very mysterious. Why?

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