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Fairfax County Schools Used To Assign Homework. Now They Fixate On What Sex Their Students Were ‘Assigned At Birth’

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The Fairfax County School Board is considering changes to its sex education program that would refer to boys as “assigned males at birth” and girls as “assigned females at birth,” denying biological reality in favor of advancing the transgender agenda.

According to a local report, the school board is considering a number of radical proposals regarding its sex education curriculum. In addition to the proposal to label boys and girls as “assigned” males and females “at birth” — implying that sex is something arbitrarily “assigned” by doctors rather than an immutable characteristic — the board has also proposed to teach co-ed classrooms lessons on “sexual orientation and gender identity” that includes watching a pro-transgender PBS video telling kids that they can have “intermediate” private parts.

“We do have different body parts. But let me take a minute here and say that in addition to girl parts, boy parts, there are also people who have different parts or intermediate parts or people who do not fit in a traditional binary gender system of male or female,” states the video, as reported by a local ABC News affiliate. “There are people who are trans or people who don’t have a gender.”

Another proposed change seeks to teach sex education to grades four through eight in classrooms with boys and girls together, where they will learn about the menstrual cycle, unless their parents decide to opt them out of the instruction.

The official window for Fairfax County Public School parents to weigh in on the proposed sex education changes closed on Thursday.

One Fairfax County parent, Maria Sherwell, expressed her disdain towards these proposed sex education changes to 7News: “this school board has got to go.”

“This makes Loudoun look calm,” Sherwell continued, referring to the neighboring school district that garnered a reputation after covering up the rape of a young girl in a women’s bathroom by a boy in a skirt, further angering parents who were frustrated with the school district for pushing radical and divisive critical race theory content in their classrooms. “I feel and I’m not alone, that their role is to take control of our children and push parents out of the room. It moves their agenda forward.”

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This is not the only time Fairfax County Public Schools have received attention for inappropriate and hypersexualized curricula. In September, a high school teacher in the district read to her 10th-grade English class a poem that included “an explicit account of a young girl masturbating.” And earlier this year, the school board approved a policy that will punish students who address their peers by their biologically correct pronouns, labeling it “discriminatory harassment.”

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