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Big Tech Is Furious Andrew Tate Is Exposing The Great Reset

The matrix didn’t like millions of young people listening to Andrew Tate’s red-pilled takes, so it struck back.


In yet another example of Big Tech tyranny, YouTube nuked a viral “Full Send Podcast” episode featuring controversial “manosphere” figure Andrew Tate last week. The video, which was posted in August, had been viewed by millions and was one of the “Full Send Podcast’s” most popular videos. 

“Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our hate speech policy,” said an email from YouTube in a screenshot posted by “Full Send Podcast” host Kyle Forgeard. “Content glorifying or inciting violence against another person or group of people is not allowed on YouTube,” continued the email. 

It remains unclear exactly how Tate was “glorifying or inciting” violence. Google did not respond to The Federalist’s request for comment by publication time.

What we do know is that Tate wields incredible sway with young people. If you don’t know who Andrew Tate is, your kids and grandkids likely do, and before YouTube deleted the podcast, Tate’s two-hour-long discussion was viewed by millions of Tate’s predominantly Gen Z fans. So who is Andrew Tate, what was in this forbidden podcast, and why should you care?

Who Is Andrew Tate? 

Tate’s rise to fame was very recent and very fast. Clips of his controversial takes on women, politics, and advice for men exploded on social media this summer. His viral fame is understandable. Tate’s content is entertaining, quick, honest, and countercultural, although not entirely original.  

Indeed, Tate exists in the social media manosphere — the word used to describe the numerous red-pilled male influencers currently filling the void created by the left’s war on men. Like most other manosphere influencers, there are many things Tate gets right and there are some important things he gets very wrong. 

Tate positively influences his target audience of young men to hit the gym, work hard, and embrace life’s struggles. When it comes to male and female relationships, though, Tate’s messaging is less clear, and he shifts wildly from appearing to value traditionally-recognized differences between men and women (a good thing) to promoting immoral and brazenly sexist behavior (and sexist isn’t a word I use lightly).  

Tate claims to “believe women are the most precious things on the planet. They create life; they should be protected; [and] they should be provided for.” While the sentiment is nice, Tate’s simultaneous promotion of polygamy and mental abuse of women stands in direct opposition to the aforementioned statement.  

The biggest hole in Tate’s messaging is morality. His romantic relationships with numerous women at once are extremely disrespectful. Tate claims to purposely pursue women who are vulnerable and will be dependent on him, so he can be “in charge.” His polygamous relationships oppose Judeo-Christian values, his love and protection are conditional, and his relationships are defined by an unhealthy power imbalance.  

In late August, Tate was banned by nearly all mainstream Big Tech platforms. He told the Recount that even his Uber, Airbnb, and Stripe accounts were suspended. While Tate’s personal social media was deleted, Meta and YouTube content featuring Tate that was not personally posted by him (like the “Full Send Podcast” episode) were generally allowed to stay on the platforms — which is why YouTube’s removal of the “Full Send Podcast” episode is significant.    

What Did He Say in the Podcast?

Tate’s more than two-hour-long podcast interview had a heavy dose of genuine misogyny. Perhaps the most disturbing part was when he admitted to getting rich by turning his romantic partners into webcam models, essentially becoming a virtual pimp (he claims to no longer be in the webcam model business). 

While sexism dominated the first half of the interview, a fascinating discussion of the “matrix” and Great Reset dominated the second. “The matrix” (a reference to the “Matrix” movie) is how Tate describes the rich and powerful global elites who use things like environmentalism, political correctness, and feminism as tools to enslave society. 

Tate described how leftist movements promoted by the “mainstream” or “the matrix” are often “Trojan horses” aimed at “resetting” society to the benefit of the rich and powerful. He correctly pointed out how the feminist movement benefited the government by both expanding the tax base and removing children from parental control. “[W]omen need rights, women need protecting, women should be equal under the law — completely agree,” said Tate. However, that wasn’t the underlying purpose of post-first-wave feminism, he explained. “They use feminism and the whole women’s rights bullsh-t to get everyone’s children into the indoctrination machine,” he said. 

“The government wants the children to belong to them” so it can “reprogram” them, he added. “You don’t own your own children’s minds anymore because your children’s mind is owned by YouTube and the school.” By controlling children and making them progressive and compliant, the matrix can “control the future.” 

Tate also swung at the environmentalist movement. He accurately brought up how governments, particularly in California and some European countries, have passed forthcoming bans on conventionally powered vehicles. Why? According to Tate, it has nothing to do with climate change. “They want us all to have electric cars so they can turn your car off,” said Tate. “They can’t turn off your combustion engine, but they could turn off your f-cking electric car … [which is why] they’re forcing us all to have them.” 

How do we know the electric car push isn’t really about environmental concerns? It’s because the people pushing these policies don’t “give a solitary f-ck about the environment,” said Tate. “The people who are in charge of the world, who purport this [environmental] sh-t, are they flying on economy planes or are they flying on jets? They’re flying on jets. When they get rich, and they’re so ‘scared’ about sea levels, they buy a nice big mansion on the water.” 

He ended the podcast with a terrifying prediction for what lies ahead for humanity if the global elites have their way:

They’re gonna come along to you and say, ‘For the environment, don’t eat meat, drive your electric car on Tuesdays it’s the only day it’s going to turn on. F-ck you, you’re a peasant, you’re a slave, you’re a peon. That’s what you are, and that’s what you’ll be. If you try and go to the protest about being a slave, we will shut your electric car off. F-ck you.’ Slavery is coming. And if you resist too much, the Kill Bot is gonna come to your house, f-cking drag you to gulag center No. 7. That’s the future of humanity. 

The Matrix Strikes Back 

The Andrew Tate outrage in the corporate media, among big tech execs, and in the left-wing social media echo chamber is focused on his misogyny. Allegedly, his videos are being taken down for being “hateful” toward women. Obviously, the answer to his sexist views is not censorship but debate. 

Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek said that “political correctness is the most dangerous form of totalitarianism.” Indeed, name-calling is one of the left’s most effective weapons to control society. They call you “racist” if you condemn the Black Lives Matter organization’s Marxist scammers for causing billions of dollars worth of property damage in 2020. They call you a “terrorist” for fighting critical race theory in your child’s school. They call you “transphobic” for opposing the mutilation and chemical castration of children.

Calling Tate sexist is a cop-out for admitting what they really hate about him. The people “canceling” Tate are the ones promoting the “sex without consequences” lie that has destroyed the lives of countless women. They are obliterating family values, destroying women’s sports, endangering girls in bathrooms, lamely offering female prisoners birth control as a defense against assaults by the men they are jailed with, and ultimately erasing femininity by equating it to men in garish costumes. They do not care about women, and they do not truly care about Tate’s sexist comments.

What they care about is power. Andrew Tate has influence over young minds. That’s the threat. His second round of censorship last week is just one more indication that he’s right about left-wing Trojan horses and the censorship regime. The matrix didn’t want millions listening to red-pilled takes exposing the global elites, so it struck back.

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