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In Pennsylvania, Two Former Presidents Headline Opposing Rallies For Senate Candidates

After two Oz rallies, two Fetterman rallies, a brain-numbing debate, and a lot of conversations on the ground, I can say the vibe matches the polls.


Pittsburgh, Pa. — In 2022, as we shake off the masks and spike proteins, the midterm elections are more about taking out the trash than elevating heroes. In fact, as we look ahead to possible confrontations with Russia and China, wannabe heroes only spell trouble.

The current Democratic majority fervently pushed for the vaccine mandates and is still risking nuclear war with Russia, both in the name of “social justice,” even as they defend turning children into transgender science projects. They deserve to be crushed at the ballot box, as do their neocon counterparts.

Here in Pennsylvania, where I’ve been covering the Oz-Fetterman race for nearly two weeks, the Democrats are stuck with John Fetterman. As embarrassing as the situation is—and it’s bad—they have no choice but to cheer him on. Or rather, they have no choice but to coddle their pet cyborg and hope for the best.

After two Oz rallies, two Fetterman rallies, a brain-numbing debate, and a lot of conversations on the ground, I can say the vibe matches the polls—Oz is up by two points, and climbing.

Courting the Sympathy Vote

At the opening of every public appearance, Fetterman brings up his medical condition. “I had a stroke,” he says like clockwork. “Dr. Oz has never let me forget that.” This is an ironic refrain, because if anyone won’t let us forget this stroke, it’s Fetterman.

When he appeared on “The View” last week, obviously courting the sympathy vote, that coven of witches cursed Oz as a “bully” for daring to mention his opponent’s condition. Of course, earlier this year those same witches cackled at a comparison of Herschel Walker and Ron DeSantis to yammering stroke victims.

In essence, the old-timey geek show has gone mainstream—now with circus mutants doing backflips off the moral high ground. America’s first official cyborg candidate can barely talk, but when he does, it’s usually about his stroke. The rest of the time, it’s about gay marriage, the need for gun control to save lives, the need for abortion to end them, and of course, the “sacred” union way of life—which falls flat coming from a known silver-spooner who wears a plumber costume.

The big Democratic rally in Pittsburgh last Saturday was the first time I’ve seen Fetterman speak coherently, largely because he stuck to simple, disconnected sentences. Admittedly, it’s perverse to listen to a stroke victim and wait for him to stumble, but it’s far more twisted that Democrats have produced this spectacle in the first place.

“I felt bad for him personally,” a Democrat voter recently told Philly’s local NPR affiliate, “but I feel cheated that he didn’t drop out.”

During the rally’s invocation, I stood just behind a left-wing granny attending with her grandson and his boyfriend. She wore an obedience mask and held a trans pink-and-blue Fetterman sign, while her grandson sported a Lady Gaga “Art Rave” T-shirt featuring the half-naked starlet in a crucifix pose. He had a wobbly pentagram tattooed just above a peace sign on his wrist. As the black minister delivered his brief and notably apolitical prayer, the granny bowed her head while the two young men looked around contemptuously.

This family fit the predominant fashion of the mostly white crowd. Scrawny men and obese women wore corny T-shirts that read “Roe, Roe, Roe Your Vote,” “Trump Is A Jagoff,” “Lead By Faith, Not By Fear,” and in rainbow letters: “Free Dad Hugs.”

In line with this ridiculous aura, an unsettling omen appeared at the outset of Fetterman’s Pittsburgh speech. “So, today Dr. Oz is gonna be standing with Donald Trump on the stage,” Fetterman said, drawing pro-wrestling boos from the crowd. “And I’m gonna be proud to be standing with the president that’s a hundred percent sedition-free!” Cheers erupted and immediately a gust of wind toppled the row of American flags behind Fetterman.

Return of the Long-Legged Mack Daddy

Like many politicians, Fetterman is a big phony, operated via remote control by various handlers. So it’s appropriate that Barack Obama showed up in Pittsburgh to stump for him.

“If somebody is willing to peddle snake oil to make a buck,” Obama said derisively of Oz, “then he’s probably willing to sell snake oil to get elected.” This is the same former president who pushed every American to take experimental, barely tested, and sometimes dangerous mRNA injections.

“Let me tell ya something, Pennsylvania,” Obama said at the conclusion. “We’ve seen around the world what happens if you give up on democracy. We can see it in other countries where the government tells you what books you can read and what books you can’t. Countries that own all the media and just pump out propaganda, and put dissidents and reporters in jail.”

Keep in mind, this is right after new Department of Homeland Security leaks were published last week by The Intercept. These documents show undeniable collusion between the DHS and tech platforms—particularly Facebook—to suppress American dissent on election fairness as well as “the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic and the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines, racial justice, U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the nature of U.S. support to Ukraine.”

The Intercept journalists also revealed: “The director of a DHS advisory committee, worried about how all this might look… recommended the use of third-party information-sharing nonprofits as a ‘clearing house for information to avoid the appearance of government propaganda.’”

Obama wasn’t saying anything untrue. But he wisely omitted the fact that his own party’s propaganda is being amplified by Big Tech, while his opponents’ views are targeted by the national security state.

Hold Your Nose and Vote

America’s situation is dire. The Democrats and various far-left extremists have captured every major institution in our country, from the mainstream media and academia to corporate culture and our top military brass. Voting MAGA Republicans into Congress will not resolve our decadent state—not by itself—but it is definitely a start.

I would love to say I adamantly support candidates like Oz, but that is way too much to ask. This is a matter of practicality—and urgency—more than real enthusiasm. Oz promises to bring “balance” and “a dose of reality” to Washington DC. He vows to take on crime, halt illegal immigration, and improve the economy.

That sounds great, but honestly, if Oz will just support investigations into the regime that brought us vaccine mandates and used our intelligence agencies as political weapons—and if he will vote against World War III—that might be enough to keep a free America going a little while longer.

So I urge Republicans and Independents to get out tomorrow. Voting accomplished, start praying for America. Because at this point, we are going to need a miracle.