Joe Allen
Joe Allen
Joe Allen

Joe Allen is a fellow primate who wonders why we ever came down from the trees. For years, he worked as a rigger on various concert tours. Between gigs, he studied religion and science at UTK and Boston University. Find him at or @JOEBOTxyz.

Transhumanists Gather In Spain To Plan Global Transformation

TransVision 2021 saw technologists push radical visions for our future. Apparently, the clueless public is to be propagandized — not consulted.

How Mass Tech Surveillance Could Turn Us All Into Britney Spears

When one’s livelihood and privileges depend on submission to constant monitoring, you have to wonder how long Americans will have the choice to opt out.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Planting The First Church Of The Metaverse

Virtual idols are the future of false religion. With 3 billion users and zero sense of sacred boundaries, Facebook is poised to lead this revolution.

Scientists Are Using Brain Implants To Read Patients’ Minds, And You Might Be Next

Progress begins with necessity, but it never ends there. Neuroprosthetics that heal today will be used for enhancement tomorrow.

Is Grafting Dead Babies’ Scalps Onto Lab Rats Any Better Than Child Sacrifice?

The horrors of experimentation on aborted babies are too easily purged from our thoughts, but they should stoke our national conscience.

Josh Hawley Takes On The Tyranny Of Big Tech

Tech companies have monopolized our communications, our social spaces, and even our inner lives. Finally, a book by Sen. Josh Hawley, ‘The Tyranny of Big Tech,’ provides a template to reign in their power.

How To Stop Technocrats From Turning The United States Into China

The author of ‘Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order’ discusses mass surveillance, smart cities, and the history of technocratic control.

After The Lockdowns, The Religion Of Science Only Gets Darker

Historian Yuval Noah Harari promises that if we eat the apple of high technology, we shall be as gods. But will that apple be nourishing or poisonous?

What Happens When Big Pharma Starts Selling Mass-Market Hallucinogens

The psychedelic renaissance will resemble the 1960s, only this time, it will take place under medical authorities and state supervision, with the corporate sheen of celebrity endorsement.

No, Virtual Reality Isn’t The Future Of Religion

It’s a paradox of sorts—the faithful seek a transcendent realm, but their deep communities are knitted together in physical space.

Scientists Are Mixing Human Body Parts With Robots And Monkeys. We Don’t Want To See What’s Next

Recent scientific experiments reveal a dangerous desire — and the increasing ability — to alter the fundamental elements of life.

Transhumanists Aim To Replace God With Machines Through Digital Immortality

Tech companies are selling the idea of ‘digital resurrection.’ That’s only a problem if we’re dumb enough to buy it.

The Set Designs In Virtual Reality Concerts Are Cosmic — But At What Cost?

Set designers were finally able to draw fans into their vivid dream without the constraints of Newtonian physics. Yet virtual reality isn’t all wonder.

Inside The Global Race To Build Killer Robot Armies

There are AI-assisted weapons already in use, but they still require a human operator to confirm targets and order the kill. That is changing rapidly.

Artificial Intelligence Expert Explains How Big Tech Manipulates What You Think

An Oxford University-trained artificial intelligence expert explains the machinery behind Big Tech’s thought suppression, AI speech police, and groupthink on campus.

This App Will Soon Unleash Deepfake Videos That Can Frame Anyone

MetaHuman Creator lets any dummy create deepfakes for fun. Before long, only a fool will believe anything he sees online.

Masks Are As Much A Religious Symbol As A Health Precaution

If these makeshift masks are nothing more than terror management for germaphobes, what’s the point?

Michael Anton Convinced Me To Vote For Trump Like America Depends On It

More than any other time in my life, it appears that our hard-won liberties could disappear in the blink of an eye. Americans cannot allow this to happen.

The Great Barrington Declaration Is A Spark of Sanity In A Mad World

The Great Barrington Declaration offers a way forward, but do most Americans have the courage to risk their sense of security to maintain enduring liberty?

It’s Time To Enforce Earbud-Only Zones For The Jerks Infecting Public Spaces With Noise

As smartphones proliferate, oblivious half-wits are blaring their digital media in public. It’s rude behavior, like spitting on the sidewalk or farting in an elevator.