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Biden’s Comments About Climate Change Show He’s Out Of Step With Florida’s Hurricane Response


While visiting Florida to survey the damage done by Hurricane Ian, President Joe Biden once again reminded the country of his ineptitude.

Rather than focus on the plights of suffering Floridians during a Wednesday press conference with Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, Biden went out of his way to advance his party’s statist agenda by falsely asserting that the destruction caused by Hurricane Ian was a result of climate change.

“I think the one thing [Hurricane Ian] has finally ended is the discussion about whether or not there’s climate change, and we should do something about it,” he said, while bizarrely claiming that DeSantis has “recognized this thing called global warming.”

Continuing in his nonsensical diatribe, Biden couldn’t help but try to compare a small kitchen fire at his residence in 2004 to the countless homes destroyed in the wake of Hurricane Ian.

“I know from experience how much anxiety and fear [and] concern there are in the people,” he said. “We didn’t lose our whole home, but lighting struck, and we lost an awful lot of it about 15 years ago.”

Now, as conservatives, we could feign outrage and pretend to be upset. We could quote angry little Swedish girls, wave our fists in the air, and shout, “How dare you, Mr. President!” But at the end of the day, can we really say we’re all that surprised by the idiocy and insensitivity Biden displayed?

Throughout his career, Biden has always been a pompous, good-for-nothing hack who has spent more time in Washington denigrating those far more successful than him in the name of politics than actually catering to the needs of the American people. Just look at his time on the Senate Judiciary Committee, when he used his position as committee chair to slander and demean stand-up public servants such as Robert Bork and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Even before his last remaining brain cells began malfunctioning in recent years, the then-vice president told a mostly black audience during the 2012 presidential campaign that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and Republicans wanted to put them “back in chains.” And who could forget Biden’s more recent comments from earlier this year comparing Republicans opposed to his radical agenda to segregationists?

No matter how hard legacy media tries to paint him as a gentle old man, they can’t hide the fact that Biden has always been a callous blowhard who wouldn’t make it in the real world if he tried and will always use every available tragedy to advance his own career. Just like so many of his elitist Washington-based counterparts, Biden will always place politics above everything else, even as the people he’s supposed to represent continue to suffer under his disastrous and incompetent leadership.

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