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Read The Most Savage Reactions To The FBI’s Self-Important Birthday Tweet

If the FBI expected a favorable response to its 114th birthday, it was dead wrong. Twitter erupted with criticism.


The FBI announced its birthday on Twitter on Tuesday to a host of hilarious and ruthless responses.

The bureau was celebrating being 114 years old, but plenty of Twitter users aren’t wishing them many more. The FBI’s growing reputation of federal corruption, such as its suppression of Hunter Biden’s laptop as “disinformation” and its 2016 election meddling, among many other malevolent actions, dimmed many Twitter users’ birthday wishes.

The post generated a host of memes and complaints in response. American Greatness reporter Deb Heine replied to the post with a meme from the British comedy show, “That Mitchell and Webb Look,” where two Nazi officers realize they’re the bad guys.

Scott Darley responded with a meme from “The Simpsons.”

A user who calls herself Orwell Huxley’s Ghost replied with “Job well done,” followed by an eye-roll emoji and a Sandra Bullock “Bird Box” meme.

Another user responded with a soyjak meme.

Somebody else responded with a gif of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi awkwardly rubbing her knuckles together in excitement and the caption, ” Your master is pleased with your obedience to punish her enemies.”

This reply included a misshapen star with the quote, “your did it.”

Heretic replied to the FBI’s post with a photo of black smoke billowing from Mount Carmel after the Waco massacre, asking, “Yo, this you?”

Connor replied, “Good try,” with a gif from “The Office” that included the caption, “Sure, if you say so.”

Another Twitter user responded with a gif from the movie “Dodgeball” with the caption: “That’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for them.”

Memes and gifs were not the only tools Twitter users employed to take down the FBI a peg or two; many responded with sharp comments. Albob reposted a February tweet from Jack Posobiec, saying, “Maybe we should tell the FBI the Epstein clients donated to the Freedom Convoy so they actually do something about them.”

Another responded, “Please don’t arrest me when I attend my local school board meeting!”

Stemwinder replied to the birthday post, “How hard were you laughing when you wrote this tweet?”

And last but not least, J Last asked, “Is J Edgar Hoover’s dress in the main office?”

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