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Black Abortion Rates Are As Disproportionate As Incarceration, But The Left Doesn’t Care

Democrats in angst over Dobbs believe that aborted babies, including black babies, are something less than human requiring no protection.


Unborn black babies are aborted at the same disproportionate rate as black men are incarcerated in the United States. Black Americans make up 13 percent of the U.S. population while comprising about 38 percent of the prison population, fueling the argument by leftists that the criminal justice system is inherently unfair to blacks.

Yet black babies are aborted at more than three times the rate of white babies and constitute more than one-third of all abortions (38 percent), and their deaths are defended by leading leftists who claim to be champions for women and blacks, like Michelle Obama.

The former first lady penned a letter released upon the announcement that Roe v. Wade had been overturned by the United States Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, in which she described herself as “heartbroken” over the loss of a woman’s power to choose what happens to her own body. Her letter, however, expressed no heartbreak over the loss of little lives, particularly little black lives that also matter.

Neither Mrs. Obama nor the radical wing of the Democrat Party dares to mention the correlation between race and abortion, and race and black imprisonment.

If blacks going to prison at several times the rate of whites supports a racism thesis, would not the fact that black pregnancies are terminated at several times the rate of whites, qualify as racist too? If abortion is so empowering for black women, why aren’t more white women getting them?

Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, and legions of radicalized Democrats continue to mischaracterize the court’s reversal as an assault on a woman’s rights, as they gloss over the more than 60 million human lives, including some 20 million black lives, lost to abortion since 1973.

In overturning Roe, the Supreme Court simply returned the issue of abortion to the people, preferring that the people, through their elected representatives, decide what to do about abortion rather than the court.

Thus Mrs. Obama, Biden, the Congressional Black Caucus, and the rest of the decidedly pro-abortion crowd can go on ignoring the disproportionate deaths of unborn black babies in states that prohibit the protection of blacks until sometime after they are born. How is it that Democrats, who claim exclusive guardianship over the welfare of blacks, can ignore the genocide of black babies before they are born?

It is no different than Democrats ignoring that 50 percent of the murder victims in the United States are black, or that these same black murder victims suffer their deaths at the hands of other blacks roughly 90 percent of the time.

It cannot be politically advantageous to black Americans, who make up only about 43 million of the U.S. population, to have lost more than 20 million in additional human capital in the name of a woman’s “right” to abortion. Black political capital is dying right along with the lost black human capital.

Yet Democrats trot out their prize heroine to show that all blacks are on board with abortion. Well, all blacks are not!

Democrats in angst over the Dobbs decision believe that aborted babies, including black babies, are something less than human requiring no protection. This would not be the first time that Democrats treated blacks as something less than human.