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In Creepy Super Bowl Ad, Meta Peddles Big Tech Dystopia


Meta released its creepiest ad yet to push Americans into abiding by big tech’s ideology.

During last night’s Super Bowl, Meta released an ad featuring mascots who lost their jobs in a restaurant and subsequently face unemployment and poverty. They later recover their meaning and happiness by stepping inside Meta’s virtual reality.

Big tech clearly has not received the message that hard-working Americans do not appreciate this kind of slap in the face. The ad featured two characters who struggle with financial and emotional problems, which millions of Americans face every day. But Meta offers a solution to these petty “little people” problems with glasses that allow people to see the world through the lenses of big tech’s wokeness. 

Once the characters put on the glasses, their problems go away and they enter the group think of big tech by departing from reality. It’s this dangerous group think that deems poor people’s problems as unrelatable and condemns those who don’t succumb to the pressure of the anti-human big tech executives. 

Meta’s detachment from reality comes as no surprise as big tech has become notorious for telling Americans how to live their lives. Big tech has made it clear: if you aren’t woke or wealthy, your financial struggles put you beneath the big tech people in Silicon Valley. 

Americans went to Twitter to release their outrage at Meta’s demeaning message. While the ad disturbed many, the response may come as a consolation. Many Americans see “Metaverse” as a dangerous escape from reality and are not ready to be controlled by big tech.