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Democrats Are Making Virginia-Style Anti-Parent Mistakes In Wisconsin

A Wisconsin lawmaker doesn’t think parents should ‘have a say’ in the classroom. It’s like she doesn’t know what happened in Virginia.


You would think that after Democrats’ whooping in the Virginia gubernatorial race over education issues, their party would stop antagonizing fed-up parents with the same messages, but no. Rep. Lee Snodgrass, a Democrat state lawmaker in Wisconsin, channeled some real Terry McAuliffe energy in a now-deleted tweet attacking parents.

“If parents want to ‘have a say’ in their child’s education, they should home school or pay for private school tuition out of their family budget,” Snodgrass tweeted on Thursday morning.

Oopsie, said the quiet part out loud on that one. The lawmaker deleted that message and posted a different one a few hours later.

“I deleted my Tweet since it was lacking in nuance and easily misinterpreted,” she wrote. “I wouldn’t want anyone to think that parents do not have a role in their child’s public education-I sure did. I encourage all parents to engage in voting for school board, join PTO and meet with teachers.”

There isn’t much to “misinterpret” in the first tweet; the derision was pretty straightforward. But what exactly is Snodgrass’s message to frustrated parents whose concerns are not being addressed by teachers and school boards but don’t have the means to homeschool or send kids to private school? How are poorer families or single parents supposed to interpret her thoughts?

Does Snodgrass support school choice, so parents’ tax dollars can follow their children to well-performing schools that respect their authority over their own children? (Hint: She doesn’t, which she made abundantly clear in a follow-up tweet.)

The lawmaker’s office did not respond to The Federalist when asked these questions.

She doesn’t have to, however. The opinion that parents shouldn’t “have a say” in taxpayer-funded government schools has become an official position of Democrats, many of whom are now scrambling by deleting tweets, adding “nuance” to their positions, and pretending they’ve always cared about parents’ concerns for their masked, suffering children.

When parents decided to engage with their school boards over radical gender propaganda, insidious critical race theory concepts, sexual assault cover-ups, and the harms of school closures and child mask mandates, they met aggression. The National School Boards Association went so far as to collude with the Biden White House to weaponize the Department of Justice against parents through “domestic terrorism” laws.

While running for governor in Virginia, McAuliffe came right out and said, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” For that attitude, snubbed Virginia parents handed the governor’s mansion to Republican candidate Youngkin in a state that had gone blue for Joe Biden by 10 full points.

If Democrats think Wisconsin voters won’t do the exact same thing, they have another thing coming. Wisconsin parents are fired up and mobilizing. Even parents who had previously never even voted for school board candidates nor attended a school board meeting, such as mother-of-five Scarlett Johnson, are now running for a seat.

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And they aren’t just concerned about what is being taught in the classroom. They’re also sick of watching Democrats use children as political pawns, as they have throughout Covid.

When a number of people decided to “abuse our children in the name of science, I got really mad,” said first-time Waukesha School Board member Kelly Piacsek at a parent town hall in her area last month after Madison and Milwaukee schools closed their doors once again and blamed the pandemic. “That’s what motivated me.”

Piacsek’s action inspired Slinger parent Bill Brewer, who is concerned about his school board’s apathy toward dangerous ideologies, to run too.

“Marxism doesn’t come and punch you in the face in round one. It creeps in,” Brewer said at the same town hall. “I just can’t have that, not for my community, not for these kids. They deserve better.”

They do deserve better: better than critical race theory, better than COVID insanity, and better than the snide arrogance of Snodgrass and her allies like Gov. Tony Evers, who don’t think taxpaying parents have a right to their own children’s tax-funded education.

If Democrats keep it up, though, things will get better for kids, because scorned parents are a force to be reckoned with. And we’ve seen what they do with politicians who hate them.