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Adele ‘Loves Being A Woman,’ Just Like Other Females Whose Spaces Are Being Erased For ‘Inclusivity’

When cultural influences ditch sex-specific prestige, they take away the honor that comes with being an accomplished woman.


Globally recognized singer Adele stood up for her sex at the British Phonographic Industry’s annual music awards show this week and said what many are thinking: Women don’t want to and shouldn’t be erased in the name of “inclusivity.”

“I understand why the name of this award has changed, but I love being a woman and being a female artist — I do, I do! I’m really proud of us, I really, really am,” the award-winning singer confessed.

The BRIT Award organizers first announced their genderless award system last year. The change, they claimed, intended to showcase the organization’s “commitment to evolving the show to be as inclusive and as relevant as possible,” but instead it buried the accomplishments of esteemed artists such as Adele who see their womanhood and femininity as an asset instead of a hindrance.

Adele’s comments surprisingly received little significant backlash, even though some media outlets highlighted random tweets smearing the Artist of the Year as a trans-exclusionary radical feminist, or “TERF.” These keyboard critics bashed Adele for not being accepting enough, but the truth is, the singer’s pro-woman comments aren’t problematic.

Women can and should speak up when spaces dedicated to them are ripped away in the name of “inclusivity.”

There is a national push to tear down female-only spaces and accommodate a radical gender agenda that promotes anti-scientific ideologies as truth. It’s happening in schools, prisons, sports, and now award shows.

Students as young as 4-years-old are taught in U.S. public schools that they can swap out their pronouns and private parts depending on how they feel. These same government schools justify letting high school boys who identify as girls into bathrooms, which opened the door for sexual assaults. Men, some accused of sex crimes against women, are being shuttered in female prisons in California simply because they claim to be women. Even female-only college sports, which are supposed to be protected under Title IX, are threatened by men such as University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas and radical gender allies in the NCAA.

Female spaces are designed to strengthen, protect, and celebrate women for their accomplishments. When cultural influences such as award shows ditch sex-specific prestige, they take away the honor and respect that comes with being an accomplished woman.

Despite the BRIT’s attempts to erase the importance of sex, Adele proudly defended women and told the world she loves how she was created.