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Why Ruling Class Minions Are So Suddenly Doing Damage Control On Covid

Whenever you see truth escaping from the lips of liars like steam from a pressure cooker, you should assume something bigger is cooking under cover.


Corporate media and its government allies seem to be making peace with reality by fessing up to the damages caused by insane policies on Covid. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Yes, recently a host of pundits, politicos, and “experts” seem to be coming clean about facts on the ground, finally acknowledging what most Americans have known for nearly two years: that the never-ending lockdowns and mandates have done colossal damage to our society, to our economy, and most tragically to our children.

But these self-appointed overlords are simply engaged in a form of damage control, a “limited hangout.” When they can no longer hide their lies, they acknowledge the obvious in order to keep their biggest lies on life support. It’s a reframing exercise meant to preserve the wider agenda of consolidating power.

For an excellent catalog of the recent wave of limited hangouts, see Joy Pullmann’s Federalist essays on how the “experts” who now admit the facts are still engaged in power grabs. One example is Centers for Disease Control Director Rochelle Walensky’s public acknowledgment that the numbers of deaths due to the Wuhan virus are hugely inflated.

Another comes from New York Times reporter David Leonhardt, who published a 20-month-delayed expose on the vast social, emotional, and academic damage done to children by government-enforced isolation, particularly school closures. Likewise, CNN’s Brian Stelter disingenuously spoke against the damage done by the lockdowns after two years of smearing those who expressed such concerns.

I wish I could agree with those who feel this means we’ve reached a turning point, a light at the end of the tunnel of our Wuhan virus nightmare. Rather, I think we need to gird our loins for a bigger fight. Propagandists have no intention of telling us the whole truth. Ever.

A Little History of the Term ‘Limited Hangout’

According to Victor Marchetti, a high-level CIA official gone rogue in the 1970s, “limited hangout” is espionage jargon for a strategy of acknowledging facts when a cover story is blown in order to preserve the bigger operation. Doing so can intrigue the listener with the illusion of coming clean, and buy time to adjust the strategy. It amounts to a standard cover-your-rear approach that can also lay the groundwork for blaming others for the damages.

The 1970s gave us the example of the Watergate transcripts, in which you’ll find a reference to the term. The Nixon White House couldn’t avoid the fact that a burglary happened at Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Hotel. So the plan was to acknowledge a burglary while leaking an “official” report showing there was no White House involvement.

President Nixon asked his advisors: “You think we want to go this route now? And the – let it hang out, so to speak?” Bob Haldeman and John Dean assured him it was a “limited hang out.” John Ehrlichman then chimed in, “a “modified limited hang out.”

According to USA Today, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton applied a limited hangout when she confessed to using a private email server instead of the State Department server she was legally required to use for official business. Since she couldn’t deny it, she gave a non-apology apology explaining it was simply for the sake of convenience. She insisted the server would remain private, and then got by with help from well-placed friends.

So whenever you see truth escaping from the lips of liars like steam from a pressure cooker, you should assume something bigger is cooking (possibly explosive) under cover. But what’s behind the fearmongering?

The Relationship of Truth to Propaganda

The most informative book I’ve seen on propaganda remains Jacques Ellul’s 1965 classic, “Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes.” In it, he describes the need for propagandists to use facts as cover for their hidden intentions. “The truth that pays off is in the realm of facts. The necessary falsehoods, which also pay off, are in the realm of intentions and interpretations.” Intentions, however, are always the “real realm of the lie,” and are difficult to detect.

Ellul offers something big for us to keep in mind when we are trying to figure out intentions hidden by a limited hangout: psychological projection.

“The propagandist will not accuse the enemy of just any misdeed; he will accuse him of the very intention that he himself has and of trying to commit the very crime that he himself is about to commit. He who wants to provoke a war not only proclaims his own peaceful intentions but also accuses the other party of provocation. . . . the accusation aimed at the other’s intention clearly reveals the intention of the accuser. But the public cannot see this because the revelation is interwoven with facts.”

Our ruling propagandists have to backtrack, since so much of their Covid narrative has collapsed. But be prepared for them to promote a new and improved blame game against their chosen villains, including Republicans, the unvaccinated, and so on.

That’s likely why we’re seeing a coordinated modified limited hangout. It involves all the usual left-wing media outlets. It involves the director of the Centers for Disease Control and others leading the medical establishment, including Anthony Fauci’s double-sided mouth. It involves Democrat leaders, like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who in an about-face is now insisting that schools open.

We should view any future attempt to revive the fearmongering and enforced isolation with a very watchful eye. Events are moving along rapidly, and limited hangouts seem to be multiplying. There’s no telling where they may lead.

Social Engineering Is the Obvious Intent

Clearly, the ruling class needs to try to re-establish its own credibility and its lost trust with the now restive masses. They also need to lay the groundwork to shift the blame for the disasters they promoted. All the while, they’re subject to the constant pull of their addiction to power.

My guess is that many in government and the media feel closer than ever to their goal of consolidating power. And they are willing to achieve it at any cost and by any means.

Consider World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab’s book “The Great Reset.” According to him, Covid-19 is tailor-made to usher in a centralized globalist state in which he and his billionaire buddies control the means of production—distributing all goods, all services, and all information, assuring us that we’ll be very happy not owning a single thing. Schwab has even stated that by the time they get through with us, they will have even changed “what it means to be human.”

So if the Wuhan virus was to be the pretext for social engineering in the name of public safety, do you really think they’re going to go home and forget about it just because we can see the facts aren’t on their side? Their agenda is the 100-year-old dream of the Frankfurt School, the whole reason they destroyed the Western canon in our universities to replace it with cultural Marxism.

They likely feel they’re on the threshold of globalist control, their pot of gold at the end of their proverbial rainbow. Allies like Angela Davis, Bill Ayers, John Kerry, and George Soros have been lining the whole thing up for decades on end. As always, they’ll cling to their dreams of centralized power with superhuman fanaticism, even if the Wuhan virus road to victory doesn’t pan out as hoped.

So, What’s the Next Play?

Do we have any idea of what Plan B might be? If populations increasingly refuse to go along with the vaccine mandates and shutdowns, how might they be “persuaded” to comply? Would a much more virulent pathogen do it? Complete social breakdown through runaway violent crime with no real law enforcement? Or maybe an ominous threat from a nuclear-empowered Iran or China? We don’t know.

But whether this virus was released deliberately, accidentally, or even naturally, some future disaster—whether manufactured, accidental, or natural—is a certainty.

Given the tenacity of the globalist class to get their way no matter the cost in treasure and human life, the “experts,” “philanthropists,” and great and petty bureaucrats will be there to take up the challenge. They’ve proven time and again that they’re more than willing to wreck our lives, to isolate us, and to turn us against one another as a means of achieving the social credit system that will empower them completely.

This is no theory, “conspiracy” or otherwise. It’s simply the openly discussed vision, the consensus, of a globalist oligarchy. They’ve been outspoken about wanting to destroy Western culture and freedoms in all of our institutions. They constantly talk to one another and coordinate across silos of government, Big Tech, media, and academia.

What should terrify us most in all of this is the utterly cultish mindset in the ruling class of elites. They really believe they know best and must tell us what to do, that we’re too stupid to understand their glorious vision of the future. With the aid of Big Tech, they aren’t shy about threatening to cancel and crush us if we defy them.

In the end, they’ll take advantage of any opportunities provided by any crisis to exercise their power. This is the kernel of what is limited—hidden—in their sudden hangout of facts.

If we hope to hang on to freedom, we should be prepared to exercise some serious asymmetric resistance. At the very least, we should have learned never to comply with such cruel and unusual punishment.

Perhaps the time was not quite ripe for using the Wuhan virus to squash freedom. But the next crisis is right around the corner, and ruling elites have no intention of letting it “go to waste.”