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This Christmas Season, Don’t Allow Liberals To Make You Miserable

liberals screaming in protest
Image CreditEric Yeich/Pexels

They don’t spread cheer. They spread grief.


More so than ever, it feels like Democrats and tireless liberals need to remind everyone how joyless they are, even during the most wonderful time of the year. They can’t help themselves, and they do it so proudly.

An insufferable woman named Jenni Avins lectured this week in The New York Times (if you’re going to declare to everyone how miserable you are, why not do it in our most important newspaper?) that anyone suffering an illness should avoid holiday-themed parties.

“Even if it’s not Covid, it’s never a good look — especially in flu season — to show up resembling an extra from ‘Contagion,’” she said. “At the risk of being a Grinch, I’d rather not catch your head cold or stomach flu, thank you. In 2021, health feels like a greater, and perhaps more fragile, gift than ever before — which means that if you’re feeling unwell, the best present you can give might be sparing others your presence.”

These are the expressions of a person who does not care about your health. She cares that you know how repulsed she is by others, likely as a way of coping with her own inferiority complex. What person with a stomach flu — the symptoms of which are unbearable intestinal cramps and irrepressible diarrhea — has ever felt the need to show up to a Christmas party?

That does not happen, but Davis has a chip on her shoulder and needs people to know it. People like her don’t spread cheer. They spread grief.

Earlier this month, author Brian Broome, another miserable left-winger, expressed his general disdain for the holiday spirit, announcing in a Washington Post op-ed, “I hate Christmas.” Broome actually states in the piece that he commits a touching act of charity every year — “each year, I give to and support an organization that provides children from struggling families with toys” — and yet still, he can’t resist.

“There have even been years when I have skipped Christmas completely, taken advantage of the fact that the whole country is shut down and silent, and spent the day watching horror movies alone and eating Chinese take-away,” he wrote. “Someone you know, and love, may prefer this option. For those who hate the holidays, I stand with you.”

Imagine going through life with that kind of gloom.

On second thought, don’t. Don’t let liberals make you miserable, especially around Christmas.