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AOC’s Dress Wasn’t About Hypocrisy, It Was About America’s New Social Hierarchy

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The ‘tax the rich’ dress wasn’t merely a display of hypocrisy. It was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reinforcing the new hierarchy.


Some on the right saw a golden opportunity for A-Class mockery when Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez showed up to this year’s annual Met Gala wearing a ridiculous white dress that said “tax the rich” on its backside.

There is nothing to laugh at or make fun of here. This is simply another example of those in power, those running our most influential cultural and political institutions, sending a message: There’s a new social hierarchy in America. And this one isn’t about what you can afford to do, it’s about what you’re allowed to do.

The more important image from the dress saga isn’t the one now meme-ified a million times over, wherein mini Jenny from the Block is seen posing alone, looking back over her shoulder so the text can be seen by the camera. It’s the one Ocasio-Cortez posted on Twitter, apparently being fitted for the dress. The congresswoman is not wearing a face covering. But the woman who helped her into the gown is.

That’s the way this works now. The misery of social distancing and mask-wearing during the pandemic, both pushed by Democrats and the “experts,” are for you, the help, to endure. Not the rich and famous. Not the ones who establish and insist on those rules.

Recall that just a few days ago, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the media’s favorite sex symbol, lectured Americans about gathering outdoors — the safest place possible — at sporting events. “I don’t think it’s smart,” he said on CNN, before dropping that timeless wisdom about strapping masks to your face, even when having gone through the trouble of being vaccinated against COVID-19.

Interesting. That was in August, which was the same month that former President Barack Obama, weeks earlier, was seen on video getting amp at an indoor birthday party with hundreds of guests and service staff in Martha’s Vineyard. Fauci wasn’t invited on national television to weigh in on that one. Or if he was, he declined.

Duke’s County, where Martha’s Vineyard is located, had been on an upward trend of new coronavirus infections since early July, just like almost everywhere else. Why should that particular place be the exception to host a massive indoor bash without masks? Guests at the Obama party were supposedly required to have been vaccinated, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began advising face coverings for even the vaccinated when indoors back in late July.

And New York Times reporter Annie Karni was sure to do her part reinforcing our new social order by explaining on CNN that the Obama party attendees were “a sophisticated, vaccinated crowd.”

It’s not enough that you did what you were told was the right thing and got vaccinated. You now have to be sophisticated to enjoy large gatherings. And by “sophisticated,” they certainly don’t mean you.

It’s been happening over and over. It was also in August that Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib was seen in a video on social media, dancing at an indoor wedding in Dearborn, Michigan. She wore no mask, even though cases in Wayne County, where Dearborn is located, were climbing at a quick clip at that time.

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren is another one seen in recent weeks at yet another indoor wedding, beaming for photos with no mask on her face. That event was in New Mexico, where the governor had put in place a universal indoor mask mandate.

It started off looking like obscene hypocrisy: Democrat Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot shutting down salons and then getting a handsome haircut. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visiting a closed stylist in San Francisco, against government orders, for a maskless primping. Democrat New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio overseeing the closure of gyms before heading to a fitness center for a quick pump. Democrat D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser reinstating an indoor mask mandate before attending an indoor wedding reception without a face cover.

When it’s so frequent and with no penalty, it’s no longer a matter of hypocrisy. It’s just the way these people think the order is supposed to be.

And it’s not just masks. Recall Democrat Missouri Rep. Cori Bush calling to defund the police and then retaining her own private security. That’s the way she truly believes it should be.

The “tax the rich” dress wasn’t a display of hypocrisy. It was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reinforcing the new hierarchy.