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How Bad Media Coverage Made The Afghanistan Crisis Worse

Eddie Scarry critiques coverage of Biden’s Afghanistan crisis and explains why the corrupt press faces a partisan dilemma when covering foreign policy.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Federalist D.C. Columnist Eddie Scarry joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to critique the corporate media’s coverage of President Joe Biden’s Afghanistan crisis and explain why the corrupt press faces a partisan dilemma when it comes to covering foreign policy.

“We are in one of those weird moments where there has been a screw-up that has been so obvious and blatant by a Democrat, in this case, it’s Joe Biden, with what has happened with our exit in Afghanistan. People now died on his watch and this is as we’re leaving a war,” Scarry said. “On its face, there is no denying that it is such a screw-up and it is his fault because he is the commander in chief.”

“The media is stuck where ‘we can’t deny that this big screw up just happened and at the same time we don’t want to take out the leader of the Democratic Party, the person we helped get into office,'” he added.

The corporate media, Scarry said, is attached to the swamp establishment and isn’t showing signs of divorcing it anytime soon.

“They were so enamored with Biden and why they hated Trump, by the way, was because he did things differently. He was not of Washington. He didn’t understand it and was completely indifferent to it,” Scarry said. “Journalists revere and worship the Washington culture. They love the symbols and Joe Biden is the same way.”

“He just has such an emotional attachment to Washington and government and the traditions and the symbols and all of that,” Scarry continued. “So when Trump did something, that was the root of a lot of the outrage that came from the media: ‘that’s not the way things are done here.'”