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Jason Aldean Celebrates Mask-Free Fans At Recent Concert: ‘I’ve Had Just About Enough Of That’

Jason Aldean

Country music superstar Jason Aldean celebrated his fans at a Wantagh, New York concert on August 7 for setting their faces free.


Country music superstar Jason Aldean praised his fans for not wearing masks at a Wantagh, New York concert on August 7. “You know the coolest thing about all this,” Aldean shouted at the crowd, “the coolest thing to me right now is I’m looking out right now at all you guys and I don’t see one f-cking mask.”

Indeed, as the concert jumbotron scanned the crowd, not a single mask-wearer was caught on screen. Following Aldean’s fiery attack on masks, the concert-goers erupted in applause and began chanting “U-S-A.”

“I’ve had just about enough of that sh-t,” Aldean added, presumably referring to unscientific, ever-changing COVID guidelines, including mask mandates.

@joest35Jason Aldean “No Fucking Mask” “USA” #jasonaldean #foryoupage #Nomask #countrymusic♬ original sound – Joe St

The rules and regulations for music venues have also been in constant flux over the lockdowns. One day before Aldean’s performance, global entertainment company Live Nation announced it would give artists the option to implement their own COVID-19 safety guidelines for fans attending their concerts.

However, a week later, the live music promoter changed its mind. Effective October 4, music fans will now be forced to either provide proof of COVID vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to enter concerts, irrespective of the artist’s wishes.

Commenting on the uncertainty, the “Dirt Road Anthem” singer joked with his fans saying, “this is our first weekend back and who knows what’s going to happen next week. So, sh-t, we might play all night tonight, I don’t know cause I don’t know if they’re going to let us play next week.”

Aldean’s New York concert marked one of the first stops of his “Back in the Saddle” tour and the first time the singer has been on the road in more than a year.