How The Sexualization Of Teen Television Is Ruining Culture

How The Sexualization Of Teen Television Is Ruining Culture

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Tim Winter, President of the Parents Television and Media Council, joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to explain how entertainment outlets are sexualizing content designed for teens.

“We have a lot of years of being an adult. The blessing of childhood and the innocence is something we should preserve as long as we possibly can and unfortunately, there are some folks who really seem not to care about that when it comes to our entertainment,” Winter said. 

Hollywood and other TV entertainment providers, Winter said, hypocritically promote and produce sexually explicit shows that display harmful content to kids while also demanding reverence for movements such as #MeToo.

“If we’re really going to have a dialogue about the ills of society and how to make them better, we need to stop becoming entertained by them,” Winter said.

“If Hollywood is trying to fight the sexualization of women, why are they asking us every night to be entertained by sexualizing women? The contradiction is concerning, it’s appalling and again we go back to what is the ultimate harm on children, on our future, Americans, on our culture, on our society?” he asked. “When Hollywood does something positive, nobody’s better. They can do it in a fascinating way, a brilliant way, in a powerful storytelling way. But, but when they are doing something that is toxic and harmful, sadly, nothing is more powerful.”

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