Can We Rescue The American Dream From Bully Corporations?

Can We Rescue The American Dream From Bully Corporations?

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Federalist Senior Editor Christopher Bedford joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss his article “Corporations Are Steamrolling Small Business, Buying Up Homes, And Crushing The Dream, But We Can Fight Back.”

Bedford explains how groups like BlackRock are barring more people out of buying homes and pushing more people towards renting.

“They’re going into places, thriving cities that have good schools and nice neighborhoods, and affordable housing in places like Phoenix or outside of Miami … to scoop up as many houses,” Bedford explained. “Those are exactly the houses that we want, part of the American Dream, young people, young families to be moving into. That’s completely within their grasp to have a job or maybe to get there and start a family and start building as opposed to just spending your money on disposable stuff. ”


Bedford argued the need to focus on tax and trade policies.

“Why corporations are treated better than partnerships and family businesses. Why capital is treated better than labor, our labor. Why Brazil and Canada are given preference to American ranchers. Why Chinese manufacturing is treated the same way we are. Why Facebook and Google can say we’re global companies, not American companies while benefiting from all of our order, all of our systems, all of our education,” he said.

“Why any other company can benefit from every single aspect of us and all of the trade and then move all over their manufacturing abroad, overseas, choose foreign slave labor, and then use our Navy to get those products shipped back safely on freights to sell to us at lower costs to buy welfare and food stamps,” he said.

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