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As Border Apprehensions Surge, Migrant COVID Cases Jump 900 Percent In Rio Grande Valley Sector

COVID-19 cases among apprehended migrants have surged in one of the busiest sectors of the border, all while apprehensions are on track to set a new record.


COVID-19 cases among apprehended migrants in the Rio Grande Valley sector along our Southern border have jumped 900 percent over the last 14 months, according to an exclusive report from Fox News.

The report found that the Rio Grande Valley region detained 135 COVID-19 positive migrants, accounting for 60 percent of all positive COVID-19 cases across all the border regions migrants attempt to cross. 

In a local radio interview, the Chief of the Rio Grande Valley Sector Brian Hastings told KURV 710 AM that over 40 of his border patrol agents have tested positive for COVID-19 during the fiscal year.

This new data comes as border apprehensions pass 1 million for the first time since 2006, now on track to set a new record and that will surpass both 1986’s 1.69 million apprehensions and 2000’s 1.67 million apprehensions.  

Former Acting Commissioner of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan highlighted the threat that this trend poses to America, explaining that Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries that migrants often originate from haven’t been able to handle the pandemic as well as the U.S, adding that “they’re still going to open it up to people in these countries to come from, to transverse through to get to our country, and allow them in — it’s absolutely endangering American lives and once again shows this administration puts America last and everyone else first.” 

As America continues to reopen, migration from South American countries that haven’t been able to effectively curtail the rate of COVID-19 cases could threaten to stall the progress that’s been made domestically.

As both migrant apprehensions and positive COVID cases among migrants spike, the Democratic Party is working to insert left-wing immigration reforms like amnesty into the budget.