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Biden And Democrats Understand The Problems We’re Facing Because They Created All Of Them

Joe Biden alone at the lectern in Iowa in 2019. Gage Skidmore/Flickr.

There isn’t a single major problem that the country is currently mired in that can’t be directly traced to the actions of Democrats.


There isn’t a single major problem that the country is currently mired in that can’t be directly traced to the actions of Democrats. Not a single one.

President Joe Biden on Monday was moved to finally acknowledge the wild inflation we’re experiencing and which some experts predict will last for years to come. Biden said his White House team is confident that “most of the price increases” are “temporary.”

Wait a little longer! Things will get better!

When have we heard that before?

Biden faulted the natural laws of supply and demand as the reason for inflation, insisting that, “You can’t flip the global economic light back on and not expect this to happen.”

Sure, now that we’ve beaten back the pandemic, demand is steadily climbing, so we would logically expect prices to increase. But that doesn’t explain why gas prices are the highest they’ve been in seven years. It doesn’t explain why the price of food is surging, something that didn’t go out of demand during the pandemic. Eggs are up nearly 6 percent. Milk is up 11 percent.

No one could possibly think the rocketing prices aren’t in large part a result of Biden and Democrats in Congress passing their multi-trillion-dollar welfare package (sometimes referred to as “COVID relief”), which flooded the economy with another round of generous goodies for people who are now making more money by not working, plus yet thousands of dollars more in monthly cash payments to people for no other reason than that they gave birth to a human.

That’s a lot of money Biden has sprayed on us, even as he works to get another multi-trillion-dollar “infrastructure bill” (a phrase Democrats use to mean free money for expensive child care) through Congress which can only make the problem worse.

Nothing has changed at our jungle of a border. It’s getting worse there, too. Since March, the month that Biden made Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of the problem he created, Border Patrol encounters of migrants have continued to climb. In April, the number grew from 173,000 to just short of another 179,000. The next month, it was another 180,600. The month after that, just short of another 190,000.

The obscene numbers of migrants coming to the U.S. is 100 percent because of Biden’s words and actions. The migrants say so themselves. Biden promised an open border and once he was sworn into office he began dismantling all of the rules his predecessor had put in place to avoid this exact situation. And he bragged while doing it.

Just a little more than a week ago, the Biden administration said it would no longer detain pregnant migrants illegally crossing into the U.S. Hmm … Is that likely to reinforce or to undermine Harris’ direct messages to migrants, “Do not come”?

Anchor babies aweigh.

Democrats are whining that we seem to have hit a ceiling on the number of adults who want to get vaccinated against COVID-19, with roughly half of the total population having been “fully vaccinated.” They blame “disinformation” (aka accurate information that upsets their preferred narrative) put out by right-leaning news outlets like Fox News.

That’s stupid. There are plenty of legitimate reasons why any one person might not want to get vaccinated, but there’s one that isn’t good and it’s Democrats’ fault that anyone holds it.

The pandemic was politicized not because former President Donald Trump wouldn’t wear a mask. It was politicized because Democrats blamed every single death caused by a new, highly contagious, airborne virus on him. Then they showered praise on liberal mayors and governors for lockdowns that appeared to do very little, if anything, to slow the spread, while at the same time heaping scorn on Republicans who took actions that more carefully weighed the economy against the virus’ real threat.

And as much as Biden and Harris would like everyone to forget, they insisted Trump was a delusional idiot telling lies when he said he was hopeful that an effective vaccine would be available before the end of 2020. And then they told everyone to be skeptical of whatever vaccine might come anyway.

If they’re upset that the virus continues to spread — I’m not convinced they really are — they have only themselves to blame.

Lastly, after a year of instigating, excusing, and encouraging violent Black Lives rioting and all of the arson, vandalism and destruction that followed the death of George Floyd in every major city, Democrats are now a little nervous that they may pay a price for of the crime they previously had no problem with.

Homicides in 2020 were up 30 percent from the previous year as local Democrat governments got to work legalizing crime, declining to prosecute looters and hamstringing their police forces.

Who could have ever expected crime to go up under the Democrats’ banner of “defund the police”?

It’s another problem that could have been avoided but Democrats created. We got here with them behind the wheel.