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Loudoun County Mom Targeted By Left-Wing Activists For Fighting Against Racist Curriculum

Left-wing activists targeted Jessica Mendez, an opponent of critical race theory in schools, even sending hate mail to her place of work.


Jessica Mendez, an anti-critical race theory activist in Loudoun County, Virginia, alleged she has been targeted by left-wing activists who smeared her as an “active racist” in a flyer that was sent to her employer last month.

The flyer, which was obtained by the Daily Caller, shows pictures of Mendez at several anti-critical race theory protests where parents gathered to voice their opposition to racist critical theory in public school curriculums. The flyer also said, “You should be ashamed to employ a known and active racist.”

In a statement to the Daily Caller, Mendez said “Before I was able to speak to my boss, I was worried that the defamatory mail calling me a racist could negatively influence their opinion of me.”

When she explained her involvement in pushing back against the racist curriculum at her child’s school, she said her boss “recognized that I did not do anything wrong and that I am the victim.”

Jessica Mendez is involved with the Fight for Schools PAC, which supports candidates who oppose teaching critical race theory in grade schools. Fight for Schools explains on their website that “Critical race theory holds that American institutions, language, culture, meritocracy, and liberal system of government are systemically racist and must be fundamentally altered.” 

Mendez described the specific circumstances that compelled her to get involved in the fight against critical race theory, telling the Daily Caller that “I felt called to action when a neighbor decided to put my friend on an enemies list created in a private Facebook group (Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County) that six of our nine school board members were members of. Some other parents and I met on my deck and decided we needed to stand up and fight for what is right.”

Ian Prior is the Executive Director of Fight for Schools and has also been targeted by the left-wing harassment campaign, with a flyer being mailed to his house that called him “trash” and a “cancer to this community.”

In response, Fight for Schools sent out an email stating “There is no other way to interpret this than an attempt to ‘injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate’ individuals for expressing their constitutional rights. There is a law against that,” citing 18 U.S.C. Section 241.

Both incidents are part of a targeted harassment campaign against parents who oppose critical race theory curriculum. A tweet from Prior exposed a private Facebook group called “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County” that instructed members to “gather information,” create “lists,” and “infiltrate” in order to halt the efforts of parents who oppose CRT.

The Facebook post has since resulted in a movement to recall the school board members who were part of the secret Facebook group.

Despite facing harassment, Fight for Schools has made clear they are not backing down, saying in an email that “To the cowardly individuals that send these pieces of mail, be assured we are not intimidated and will only be more resolute in our mission to recall the school board.”