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How Jack Brewer Went From The NFL To Fighting Critical Race Theory

Jack Brewer

Once a former NFL, now Jack Brewer is now speaking out against leftist claims of systemic racism and other dividing ideologies.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, former NFL player Jack Brewer joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss how his faith and conservatism are motivating him to push back against the left’s “oppressive” policies in education and beyond.

“I despised conservatives … I thought conservatives are racists, and you know, the same old stuff you see with the woke left now, that narrative, I believe, that was poured into me,” Brewer said.

Now, Brewer said, his faith and his conservatism are helping him work to fix the “broken education system.”

“Instead of giving money to the unions and overspending and waste going into the system, we feel that we can give kids an option and affordable option to really excel academically,” Brewer explained. “That’s what this country is about. The only way that we really address racial disparities, income inequality, and all these other things that the left will want to promote is to get rid of their policies that are actually the backbone of these oppressive issues in America.”

Brewer said that he will never “push some broad theory to make people into victims.”

“Anytime you use racial norming, whether it’s what the NFL did or if it’s critical race theory, I’m going to stand against that because this is something that I would never teach my kids. I would never have my kids accept that and as a society and as a country, we need people to stand up against it,” Brewer explained.

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