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Parents Sue Loudoun County School Board For Discriminating Against Students Based On Race, Political Views


Parents filed a lawsuit against Virginia’s Loudoun County school board Wednesday, alleging that the board discriminates against students on the basis of their political beliefs and race while also infringing on their right to free speech through the implementation of their Action Plan to Combat Systemic Racism, a project that was adopted in June of 2020. 

The school board established a bias reporting system and a Student Equity Ambassador Program, which white students are excluded from unless they identify themselves as “allies.” 

Scott Mineo, the founder of Parents Against Critical Race Theory and parent of a Loudoun County high schooler, explained his opposition to the school board’s programs. “Our kids have the right to develop their own opinions, free from indoctrination and school-sanctioned bullying,” he said. 

Liberty Justice Center, a national public interest law firm that fights to protect free speech, is representing the parents. 

Daniel Suhr, senior attorney at the Liberty Justice Center, criticized the Loudoun County school board and explained the dire nature of the situation.

Not only are Loudoun school leaders telling students what they can and can’t say, they are imposing controversial political views on students and punishing those who don’t agree,” Suhr said, noting the policy “turns conversations about policy into chargeable offenses,” citing the disciplinary risk that could befall middle and high school students who are reported for acts of bias.

Suhr emphasized that this case had national significance, highlighting it as one of the first instances where a bias reporting system has been implemented on the K-12 level and noting that this case is “about affirming the Constitutional promises of free speech and equal treatment under the law.”

Asra Nomani, vice president of strategy and investigations at Parents Defending Education and a parent advocate, voiced her support for the parents of Loudoun County, telling The Federalist, “In its crusade to indoctrinate students with the divisive ideology of critical race theory, officials at Loudoun County Public Schools are trying to turn students into snitches on each other.”

“We should all support and applaud the brave parents of Loudoun County, Virginia, and every school district everywhere, pushing back to the tyranny of critical race theory activists. These courageous parents are standing up for schools that educate, not indoctrinate,” Nomani said.

Parents Defending Education recently finished a campaign that opposed the spread of critical race theory into Fairfax County Public Schools, with 207 members of the community and parents reaching out to school districts and school boards to oppose efforts to push so-called “anti-racist” indoctrination in schools.

Meanwhile, Marxist critical race theory has taken a significant foothold in school districts across the country, with everyone from teachers to kindergartners being subjected to training and lessons that focus on implicit bias, systemic racism, and white privilege. 

Yet, parents are fighting back. In Texas, where parents in a Dallas-area school district voted in two candidates who were adamantly opposed to critical race theory in landslide elections, in the aforementioned Fairfax County, and now again in Loudoun County.