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Seriously, Pray For Joy Reid And Everyone Who Double Masks On A Jog

Joy Reid

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is living in a terrifying bubble to the point of self-restriction and self-harm beyond what is medically necessary.


MSNBC’s Joy Reid is living in a terrifying bubble, and she needs our prayers. Seriously.

On Tuesday, after the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) updated its recommendations to offer a green light for fully vaccinated individuals such as Reid to ditch the mask outside when exercising in non-crowded spaces, Reid bragged on-air about wearing the mask anyway.

“I am among the fully vaccinated,” Reid said, gleaming with excitement as she declared she got the two-shot Pfizer vaccine. The mask, however, or, two masks, she said despite her immunity status, won’t be coming off anytime soon.

“I did go jogging today, in the park. This is the mask I wore, with a doctor’s mask under it,” Reid said, holding her masks on screen. “There are people who are getting really upset about that.”

Reid can do whatever she wants of course. Wearing not one mask, but two masks, however, while exercising outside has no basis in science or public health, and only serves as self-harm while she attempts to virtue signal. Worse, it may deter others from the vaccine by sending the message that individuals’ lives won’t change post-vaccination. In fact, wearing a face mask during cardio exercise only inhibits airflow which hinders peak performance and presents risks of its own.

Reid has either dismissed any value in the science behind rigid restrictions to merely embrace opposite measures endorsed by her political opponents, or has become genuinely terrified of the coronavirus to the point of no return. Considering her own environment, echo chamber, and public polling on the issue, it’s likely the latter, if not a mixture.

After more than 12 months of sensational coronavirus pandemic coverage at her network, it would make sense Reid’s anxiety has reached the point of self-restriction beyond what even the lockdown-embracing CDC has recommended.

A survey of 35,000 people from Gallup and Franklin Templeton last month showed a vast majority of Americans on all sides of the political spectrum, but especially Democrats, grossly overestimated the personal risks presented by the novel Wuhan coronavirus.

While 51 percent of Republicans believed COVID-infected individuals were more than 20 percent likely to end up in the hospital, when the actual probability currently lies somewhere between 1 and 5 percent, 69 percent of Democrats said the same.

While the survey serves as an indictment of Reid and the rest of the establishment media feeding COVID frenzy fear, it also offers insight into Reid’s own anxiety. She’s become an obsessive consumer of around-the-clock doomsday news by the nature of her work, but also its producer. That, would leave anybody terrified.

So in her interest, and for the people who listen to her, pray for Reid.