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Domenech: Biden’s Court Commission Is A Leftist Retaliation Campaign That Threatens Trust In The Judiciary

Domenech on court commission

Ben Domenech said Biden’s commission to evaluate expanding the Supreme Court is a leftist campaign that undermines trust in the judiciary.


Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech said President Joe Biden’s commission to evaluate expanding the U.S. Supreme Court is a campaign led by leftists to rework the system and threaten the trust of the American people.

“A number of the different people who are on there as kind of token conservatives are actually people who were strongly anti-Trump, are anti-conservative in some respects, you know, are basically pro-big business types who are just being used as a fig leaf to try to suggest that this is in some way bipartisan. It really isn’t,” Domenech said on Fox News’s “Fox and Friends” on Monday.

The commission, Domenech explained, is clearly a front for progressive leftists to retaliate against former President Donald Trump for placing three new justices on the Supreme Court.

“It’s just something that’s designed to try to make the case for a number of things that the progressive left wants to do to the court because they’re mad about the fact that someone like President Trump got three members placed on the court in Amy Coney Barrett, in Justice Gorsuch, and Justice Kavanaugh,” Domenech said.

Domenech also said the more-than-left-leaning commission threatens the integrity of the judicial branch and undermines Americans’ trust in the judicial system.

“I think that this is a situation that, unfortunately, really threatens the basis of our trust for one of the institutions of government that still functions,” Domenech explained. “I mean, the fact is that the Congress is really inconsistent, is incapable of really advancing legislation or representing the American people in a lot of respects. The court has been looked to in so many ways to resolve a lot of these culture war issues and, unfortunately, because the left feels like they’ve been on the losing side of a number of those battles, they’re interested in packing the court and trying to fundamentally change one of the branches of government.”