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Mr. President, Most Gun Owners Aren’t As Reckless As Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden

Although President Joe Biden would rather monologue about infrastructure than talk about this and Kamala Harris will deny it, a power-hungry Biden administration in cahoots with a Democrat-controlled Congress is working hard to enact sweeping gun control. Capitalizing on tragic shootings, this administration is bypassing Second Amendment infringement and has opted instead to just stomp it right out.

During his first press conference more than two full months into office, Biden briefly promised gun control. Immediately before changing the subject to something as non-polarizing as bridges and roads, Biden replied to a question about whether he would pursue gun control, including through executive action, saying he would do “all of the above. It’s a matter of timing.”

Vice President Kamala Harris just this week said no one is “trying to come after your guns.” “Stop pushing the false choice that this means everybody’s trying to come after your guns,” Harris said. “That is not what we’re talking about.”

But in the right setting, the Biden-Harris duo has eagerly pledged their commitment to sweeping gun control. Biden is presently urging lawmakers to pass a federal ban on what he calls “assault weapons,” which the left usually says to mean semi-automatic guns, which are among the most popular firearms.

In 2018, civilians owned 16 million of these modern sporting rifles, meaning legislation like this would limiting gun access for hordes of law-abiding Americans. Biden has also pressed Congress to ban certain kinds of magazines.

During a presidential primary debate in 2019, Harris said she would use executive power if Congress didn’t do her bidding. The now-vice president has advocated for banning imports of AR-15s, implementing universal background checks (a move Biden is pushing for now), banning semi-automatic rifles, repealing gun manufacturer immunity, banning high-capacity magazines, and prohibiting those convicted of a federal hate crime from purchasing guns. These measures would gut the Second Amendment.

Where’s Hunter’s Gun?

As Democrats forge ahead with these efforts, a bizarre story surfaced on Thursday in the pages of Politico regarding a gun, a trash can, and a scandal-ridden Biden family.

The story begins in 2018 with Hallie Biden, widow of the late Beau Biden and then-girlfriend of his brother Hunter Biden, allegedly rummaging through Hunter’s truck due to “suspicions she had,” then finding and subsequently dumping his .38 revolver in a trash can behind a grocery store.

When Hallie later returned to the store to recover the gun, as Hunter had directed her to do, it was nowhere to be found. Hallie told the grocery store about the missing gun, and the manager called the police, which then arrived to question the couple.

Things only got weirder from there. The missing gun was particularly worrisome because the grocer was located right across the street from a high school, prompting fears that it could be used in a crime. While police were questioning Hunter, he also appeared to racially profile two Mexican grocery store employees, telling officers they were “prolly illegal.”

Soon after police and the FBI — which was then looking into Hunter for potential tax crimes, an investigation that is ongoing — arrived at the grocery store, two Secret Service agents with “badges and identification cards” reportedly paid a visit to the gun store where Hunter bought the firearm earlier that month and told the owner to turn over the Firearms Transaction Record from the purchase.

The store owner “suspected that the Secret Service officers wanted to hide Hunter’s ownership of the missing gun in case it were to be involved in a crime,” according to multiple people with a “firsthand knowledge of the episode.” So he held onto the paperwork until the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, the agency authorized to review the forms, could get to them. Both the Secret Service and the White House denied involvement.

It also appears Hunter might have lied on his federal background check form. Joe Biden’s son’s history of drug use is well-known. In fact, he’s scheduled to release a tell-all memoir about it next month.

In 2003, 2010, and 2014, soon after being discharged from the military for using cocaine, Hunter was in drug and alcohol rehab programs. His infamous laptop dropped off for repairs in 2019, which the media and tech giants aggressively tried to cover up during the conclusion of his father’s 2020 presidential election cycle, included graphic photos and video of Hunter allegedly smoking crack cocaine while engaged in a sex act.

Despite this troubling record, Hunter answered “no” to a question on the Firearms Transaction Record asking if he was an “unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance.” While lying on this form would have been considered a felony, Hunter was never investigated over his answer.

Most People Aren’t Hunter Biden

There’s so much to unpack there — from Hunter accusing brown people of being illegals, to maybe lying about drug abuse on a government form, to the Secret Service cleaning up Biden family messes. It’s all a highly suspicious circus.

But at the heart of the story is a well-connected person with a sketchy track record getting past a background check (maybe by lying), obtaining a revolver, and somehow losing it in a trash can next to a high school. Remember, this person is the son of President Joe Biden, the same one who doesn’t want law-abiding Americans to have guns he doesn’t like.

That revolver could have been used to shoot up the high school. Thankfully it was not (apparently it had been found by an older man who was rummaging through the trash for recyclables). But if it had been, no amount of the Biden administration’s gun-control efforts would have stopped it.

A check on Hunter revealed nothing of substance nor any consequences if he had indeed lied to the federal government on the form. Nor does an “assault weapons” ban apply to a .38 revolver. And no amount of gun control measures would have stopped the reckless Biden duo from losing a firearm in a grocery store trash can where any rando could find it.

Alas, just like our current first family, Democrats’ gun-control proposals rarely if ever operate within the realm of reality or common sense. Repealing manufacturer liability wouldn’t protect victims of gun violence any more than Democrats’ Justice in Policing Act would have protected George Floyd. It’s all theater.

Maybe Biden family gun use is all the president knows about firearms. We’re talking about the same Biden who called them “AR-14s,” after all. But Biden, Harris, and their gun-grabbing friends in Congress would do well to realize that most gun owners aren’t lying on background check forms and dumping our firearms willy-nilly in trash cans by schools. Even if we were, none of Biden’s anti-gun pipe dreams would stop us.