John Daniel Davidson: Border Crisis Is Going To Be ‘Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Had’

John Daniel Davidson: Border Crisis Is Going To Be ‘Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Had’

Federalist Political Editor John Daniel Davidson warned on Fox Business Wednesday that the crisis at the border is only poised to grow far worse.

“We’re only in March, and the border usually peaks for illegal crossings in April and May,” Davidson said. “So we’re already seeing record numbers of unaccompanied minors in federal custody right now, some 17,000 in just March. We’re going to see this increase day over day, week over week, and probably peak in late May.”

Based on already-record levels and continued soft-on-illegal-immigration messaging, Davidson prophesied the Biden-engineered crisis will bring numbers of illegal migrants “unlike anything we’ve ever had, probably in a century or more at the border.”

Migrant facilities, meanwhile, are already overwhelmed by the current surge going into April. The influx of migrants has provoked the Biden Department of Homeland Security to hastily construct new detention facilities, which were characterized as cages under the Trump administration.

Davidson reported that an average of more than 550 unaccompanied children are being detained at the border each day, flooding facilities well over capacity to handle them. The blame for the current crisis, Davidson said, lies right with President Joe Biden himself for his aggressive pursuit of open-border policies seeking to undo his predecessor’s legacy.

“The surge is a direct result of policies and messaging from the Biden administration before the election,” Davidson said.

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