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After Mocking Trump’s Walk, Joe Biden Just Got Completely Owned By A Set Of Stairs

Joe Biden

President Joe “I run up ramps” Biden fell three times climbing up the stairs into Air Force One on Friday morning.


President Joe Biden fell three times climbing up the stairs into Air Force One on Friday morning.

Biden, the oldest president of the United States at 78 years old, stood up from the multiple stumbles after a few seconds on the ground to offer a salute in front of television cameras at the top of the staircase as he prepared to fly to Atlanta to discuss the recent shooting that left eight dead.

Biden’s recent fall comes among a series of verbal gaffes and frequent mental slip-ups that plagued his campaign trail and carried over into his presidential speeches. He also recently suffered a hairline fracture in his foot in November after he slipped and grabbed his dog’s tail while stepping out of the shower, an injury that required a walking boot.

While some are questioning why Biden’s newest fall should be considered news, many remained silent when the corporate media and Biden made a point to harp on then-President Donald Trump’s physical and mental abilities any chance they could get.

In 2020, CNN, the New York Times, Vanity Fair, Bloomberg, and other outlets publicly wondered about the state of Trump’s health after he made a “slow and halting descent down a ramp” at West Point after he delivered a commencement speech.

Even Biden mocked Trump at the time for the way he walked, saying the Republican “stumbles down ramps.”

In 2017, a CNN reporter questioned whether Trump was afraid of stairs, saying he “always keeps his eyes on his feet while clutching the railing” of stairs when deplaning from Air Force One.

CNN’s Brian Stelter, who often defended Hillary Clinton’s physical fitness, also spread rumors that Trump’s recovery from COVID-19 was masked by “a clear coverup” peddled by the White House. “This is not a real show of strength, it’s a performative show of strength,” Stelter said.

In 2020, when Trump said he “aced” his cognitive test, media outlets repeatedly questioned and joked about his results. These same legacy media outlets amplified calls from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to evaluate removing Trump from office using the 25th Amendment if he died or was incapacitated by coronavirus. Other journalists chose to mock Trump’s age while Biden was praised and defended for being “physically vigorous.”