‘It’s Appalling’: Mollie Hemingway Calls Out Corporate Media Spin On Biden’s Threats

‘It’s Appalling’: Mollie Hemingway Calls Out Corporate Media Spin On Biden’s Threats

Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway rebuked the corrupt corporate media for its cushy coverage of President Joe Biden’s threatening speech on Thursday evening, contrasting it with the negative media attention former President Donald Trump received all during his tenure in office.

“The difference between our media and how they handled the Trump administration, in which they were relentlessly hostile to literally every single thing that administration did, and their sycophantic generosity and encouragement of everything that the Biden administration is doing is a constant reminder of their corruption,” Hemingway said.

The corporate media, she continued, has moved beyond the decade-old bias that crept its way through the Obama administration to “real corruption.”

“There is a difference between having a, you know, being full of leftists in your newsrooms and actually engaging in propaganda and their rewriting of everything. That’s happening at the current moment, defining a very divisive administration that is engaged in full-on culture war tearing down the borders of the country, making all sorts of mistakes in foreign policy,” Hemingway said. “Portraying that as a unifying and good administration is propaganda and half the country realizes that and the other half of the country, I think, is comforted by that propaganda.”

“It’s appalling. The White House told reporters that they wanted them to say that this speech was uplifting and hopeful and so reporters did that or these propaganda outlets did that, when in fact it was anything but. It was remarkably ungracious, there was no mention of what the previous administration did. The only thing that has really worked in this entire coronavirus pandemic is developing the vaccine,” Hemingway continued.

She also noted that Biden traded gratitude for the previous administration’s efforts to facilitate and distribute a safe and effective COVID vaccine for threats.

“There were these threats that if you didn’t do what Joe Biden wanted, you might lock the country down again and then to pick Independence Day as the day where he says he might allow people to gather is just so un-American. And just, you know, Joe Biden doesn’t get to tell me when I can have a barbecue in my backyard, and certainly not to tie that to Independence Day,” Hemingway said. “It does feel like we’ve lost something as a country that so many people are willing to do this type of draconian restrictions from the government for this level of a problem. If they’re willing to do it for this situation for this length of time, it’s a very bad sign for the days to come.”

Jordan Davidson is a staff writer at The Federalist. She graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism.
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