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Meghan Markle Wants To Be A Victim Because Our Culture Rewards It

Harry and Meghan

Do members of the royal family who make dramatic exits deserve the kind of corporate media coverage and defenses Harry and Meghan are receiving?


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Federalist Staff Editor Madeline Osburn joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to breakdown Oprah’s interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and the allure of the royal family to Americans.

“They needed a way to shut the door on their life in the United Kingdom and they kind of needed the clashing. They needed the excuse. They needed it to be big and they needed to be the victims, of course,” Osburn said. “I don’t want to say everything that Meghan said about her mental health or the things that they said about her baby … I don’t want to say all that was a lie, but I do think it is helping them to shut the door on their lives there and to rebrand themselves in the U.S.”

Jashinsky said that members of the royal family such as Harry and Meghan who make dramatic exits don’t deserve the corporate media coverage and defense that they usually receive.

“I think they’re just like sort of whiny millennials and I would prefer not to talk about them,” Jashinsky said. “They don’t have any interesting ideas. They’re representative of a very boring worldview that is destroying society … It’s the same sort of mentality that so many of our peers that we went to high school and college with are now importing into the world, but it is sort of crushing society.”

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