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Biden’s ‘Conservative’ Supporters Need To Defend His Partisan, Hard-Left First Month

Joe Biden

President Joe Biden wraps up his first full month in office this week having set a new record of speed and aggression in pursuing a partisan, hard-left agenda.

At the Democrats’ virtual convention in 2020, former Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden, branding the Democratic nominee a “unifier” with a commitment to bring the country together.

“America is at a crossroads,” Kasich said, while standing at a physical crossroads for the taped address.

The message of unity, decency, and bipartisanship became the defining theme of anti-Trump Republicans who promoted the most radical pair of candidates on any major party-ticket in decades.

“The responsible vote is for Joe Biden,” wrote former Pennsylvania Republican Gov. Tom Ridge for the Philadelphia Inquirer in September. “It’s a vote for decency. A vote for the rule of law.”

One has to wonder then, whether Ridge feels blindsided by the new president breaking records with the number of hard-left executive orders signed within his first month in office. Biden has already stamped his signature on 30 executive orders enacting sweeping and divisive social policy and paving the way for open borders. Seventeen of Biden’s orders were signed within his first 48 hours of inauguration, more than were issued in the presidencies of his four immediate predecessors combined.

But yes, a vote for Biden was “a vote for the rule of law,” no need for the elected representatives in Congress to weigh in on such massive changes at the stroke of a pen.

Self-purported conservatives who backed Biden now have to defend all his left-wing actions of the last month, governing with a Democrat Senate after a majority of the NeverTrump Republicans waded into the Georgia Senate runoffs to strip the Senate from Republican control even after Trump had already lost. If nothing else exposed the mission of the NeverTrumpers at the Lincoln Project and The Bulwark as having more to do with defeating Republicans than defeating Trump, it was Georgia.

In December, Reed Galen, a cofounder of the Lincoln Project, said the quiet part out loud.

“At this point, we’re as much never-Republican as we are anything else,” Galen told Politico as the group grappled with irrelevancy in the coming post-Trump era, before it finally fell apart just weeks later due to an underage sex scandal.

In his first month in office, Biden has followed through on his promise to serve as a vehicle for the left’s revolution, opening the Trojan horse conservatives detected in the run-up to November. The nomination of then-California Sen. Kamala Harris alone served as ample warning, considering her record in the upper chamber as the farthest-left member in support of Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, higher taxes, open borders, sanctuary cities, taxpayer-funded health care for illegal migrants, late-term and taxpayer-funded abortion, and a religious litmus test for Catholic nominations to the federal judiciary.

But it’s all worth it in the name of “unity,” said the Bulwarks and the Lincoln Projects. Biden has done nothing for unity except hypocritical lip service.

The new president came into office a week after House Democrats passed a snap impeachment of his predecessor. Biden did nothing to derail the divisive actions of his own party seeking retribution against the ousted president while their big tech allies put in motion a long-anticipated purge of political dissidents to the new left-wing regime. Nor has Biden condemned the escalating rhetoric of prominent left-wing voices, which include many who consider themselves mainstream, who demand the “de-programming,” and “de-baathification” of Republican Trump supporters.

Isn’t a mantra of the left “silence is violence”? While it’s a simple quip weaponized to guilt those into submission to so-called social justice, standards are different for the leader of the free world.

The new president’s silence as Democrats triggered an extreme measure reserved for only the most severe offenses, cheapening the institution in the process with a made-up crime, remains merely a prominent exposure of Biden’s talk of unity as a façade.

Within 48 hours of his swearing-in, Biden tasked former Obama White House national security adviser Susan Rice, now heading Biden’s Domestic Policy Council, with leading the new administration’s efforts to get agencies “rooting out systemic racism” as a focal point of their mission. Biden’s team said Rice will lead a “robust interagency process to hold the federal government accountable for advancing equity for families across America.”

Biden also dismantled the 1776 Commission and reversed Trump’s ban on seminars that promote racist critical race theory throughout federal agencies. The ticket cheered by NeverTrump “conservatives” is proving an effective vehicle for the far-left revolution.

Women’s sports also fell on Biden’s chopping block under a new anti-science executive order that requires institutions such as schools that receive federal funding allow biological males who identify as females be admitted to female sports programs and locker rooms.

Then there’s the reversal of the previous administration’s Mexico City Policy that bars taxpayer-funded abortions abroad,  signed again by executive order. Restoration of funding for overseas abortion came passed alongside executive orders to remove Trump-implemented travel bans, axe funds for the border wall, and reinstate Obama-era protections for illegal aliens.

Workers on the Keystone pipeline met Biden’s message of unity coupled with pink slips after Biden yanked the project’s permit.

This came all within Biden’s first 48 hours.

It took Biden nearly a full month to speak with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The two world leaders spoke on the phone for the first time Wednesday, news which came first from Israeli press. The Biden White House has been reluctant to declare the critical Middle Eastern ally an ally.

Earlier this month, Biden repealed a Trump-era rule that prohibited banks from discriminating against entire politically unfavorable industries such as guns and ammunition dealers.

There also remains no shortage of Biden’s aggressive pursuit of Green New Deal climate policies. After all, Vice President Harris was an original co-sponsor of the legislation in the Senate. Newly unemployed coal miners, according to Harris, need not worry about the president canceling their jobs and undermining American energy infrastructure. Displaced coal workers can pivot to “reclaiming abandoned land mines.”

Are the NeverTrump “conservatives” who have always been overrepresented in the corporate press so far pleased with the results of the new left-wing administration? It’s hard to say. They’ve remained fixated on smearing Republicans who reject a return to the old world order. One of the primary pillars of their movement run by grifters, the Lincoln Project, is crumbling.

It’s important at times to not to lock political opponents into restrictive binaries categorizing individuals who support one candidate over the other as either completely committed or completely averse to a politician’s platform. Taken together, however, nearly every item on the Biden agenda, stated clearly before the election, has possessed all the markings of a radically leftist administration. And name-brand “conservatives” told us to vote for this.