Hollywood Has An Iron Grip On Movie Culture, But Will It Last Forever?

Hollywood Has An Iron Grip On Movie Culture, But Will It Last Forever?

On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” movie producer Dallas Sonnier joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to talk about his recent project “Run Hide Fight” and how movie creators are branching out and expanding content beyond Hollywood.

While big companies in Hollywood tend to control the cultural narrative, Sonnier explained that distancing himself from that world has freed up his creative limitations and made him happier.

“We didn’t start this fire,” Sonnier said. “You guys want to, you know, shut us down or silence our voices or tell us we can’t make these movies. Well, OK, do it to your own detriment because we’re going to leave. We’re going to treat big Hollywood as Sodom and Gomorrah and we’re out of here. And so we’re going to build our own institutions, our own communities and things like that because we simply don’t see the value in trying to work together with the other side right now, so it’s a real challenge.”

Sonnier’s hope, however, is that even if creators are forced to break away from the mainstream, they can have success that is not dependent on whether their politics align with Hollywood’s agenda.

“I hope that, you know, the good folks at the Daily Wire, producers, like myself, we can create a sort of system that will allow more movies to get made in these environments where we don’t have to worry about getting called out for personal politics but also we can build up enough creative experience and really provide some education for everyone so that it’s not a scary experience,” Sonnier concluded.

Read more of Jashinsky’s coverage of “Run Hide Fight” here.

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