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How PragerU Battles Big Tech Giants To Reach Gen Z

Big tech

Craig Strazzeri joins Emily Jashinsky to outline how PragerU is navigating and battling the censorship challenges presented by big tech companies.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, PragerU’s Chief Marketing Officer Craig Strazzeri joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to outline how the organization is navigating and battling the censorship challenges presented by big tech companies such as YouTube and Facebook in their efforts to promote educational, conservative digital content.

“Our goal is to keep reaching the next generation. … They’ve been indoctrinated, really, through the educational system and through the media, and we’re trying to give a lot of them a new perspective that they’ve never heard before and undo some of the damage that has occurred,” Strazzeri said.

While Silicon Valley giants seem fixated on limiting and even removing the promotion of conservative ideas on their platforms, Strazzeri said that means PragerU and other similar organizations are doing something right.

“Big tech is really clamping down because conservatives have started to have some major success, including us and others that they’re like, ‘Oh, now they’re using social media and these platforms to get their message out. We’ve got to silence them,’ which is really scary but it’s also where we are,” Strazzeri explained. “It’s like because we’ve been so effective on these platforms, it’s no coincidence as to why there’s increasing censorship issues. They want to control the narrative, they want to control the message, who sees what, when they see it, and young people, like you said, they have an appetite for and a curiosity for information.”